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Logitech CRAFT keyboard is wheely good

6 days ago

Logitech has announced the CRAFT keyboard – the first ever with a context-specific, creative input dial that works with many Windows and macOS apps.

Logitech K830 TV – Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad for HTPC (review)

1 week ago

Logitech’s K830 TV illuminated living-room Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad works with almost all Bluetooth equipped Windows, Android, Chrome and even some macOS and iOS devices.

Review: Logitech MX Sound Premium Bluetooth Speakers

2 weeks ago

For many years I regarded “computer speakers” with derision. The whippersnappers amongst you readers may not realise it, but the now ubiquitous IBM-compatible personal computer

Logitech wins 19 Good Design Awards

1 month ago

Logitech has always had a certain design flair as well as a range of useful and well-made accessories. It set a record in 2017 with

Logitech G603 and G613 – LIGHTSPEED wireless mouse and mechanical keyboard (review)

3 months ago

Logitech G series is for serious gamers and others, like me, who understand that gaming technology, especially mechanical key switches and Hero optical mice sensors,

Logitech G610 mechanical keyboard – Brown, Blue or Red (review)

3 months ago

The Logitech G610 mechanical gaming keyboard comes with the choice of blue, brown and red mechanical key switches. The colour refers to the type of

Logitech Harmony Elite – get rid of those many remote controls (review)

3 months ago

Logitech’s Harmony Elite has solved the age-old problem of remote controls breeding like rabbits - one control to rule them all. And its from Logitech so you know it works.

Review: Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

3 months ago

I usually have a Microsoft Bluetooth mouse connected to my Surface Pro 4, and it’s frustrating how much I have to shake it to get

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