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The necessary appliance: a guide to the modern toaster

9 months ago

Sometimes the toaster needs a replacement, or even just a refresh, so if you find yourself craving toast, here's a guide to the modern toaster.

Symantec aims for a secure web, will offer free(ish) certificates

10 months ago

The makers of Norton 360 do a little more than just make security software, and it even has a vision for a totally secure world wide web, with the company taking one step towards it… though there is a catch.

Cards come to more phones as Samsung Pay launches locally

10 months ago

Apple Pay isn't the only game in town anymore, because owners of a recent Samsung Galaxy phone can now tap to pay with a technology that should work everywhere.

Bryston builds a turntable (and it’s a big deal)

10 months ago

When companies enter new areas, it’s a big deal, and with amp maker Bryston making a record player, you can bet it’s a big deal.

Canon to teach a love of colour, light at Vivid Sydney

10 months ago

If you happen to be in Sydney in the next week or so, Sydney’s Vivid light and colour festival is one of those sights worth checking out, and if you’re keen to learn about cameras, Canon is there, too.

Kaiser Baas gets into VR with plastic Cardboard

10 months ago

Google’s Cardboard has inspired a whole wave of manufacturers to make VR headsets that rely on your phone, and someone local is getting in on that.

Samsung’s Gear Fit2 arrives, hits sub-$300

10 months ago

When opting for a wearable gadget, there are numerous questions one needs to ask: what will it do, can it survive my life, and how much will it cost? Fortunately, Samsung has answered these with the Gear Fit2.

Hands-on with Moleskine’s Smart Writing Pen+

10 months ago

It’s official: pen and paper is passé, but you can make both of them work for the future, and Moleskine is leading the charge, revitalising the world of the smartpen for its classical journals.

Samsung’s latest washing machine has Aussies in mind

10 months ago

It’s not every day you get a gadget made for the local market, but with Samsung’s latest washing machine, Australians have definitely been considered.

D-Link’s webcam ups the angles with 180 degrees

10 months ago

Security cameras are getting more connected meaning you can check them on your smartphone, but they don’t always cover the widest angles, and that’s why one company is changing things.

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