Pioneer Launches Two New Network Audio Players

2 weeks ago

If you don’t follow this stuff, you may not be aware of a new class of audio player that’s kind of taken the place of

Why brand names are sometimes the best: an example with Sennheiser

2 weeks ago

In three months it will be twenty years ago since I purchased my second set of expensive headphones. The first set had been many years

Review: Brydge 12.3 attachable Bluetooth keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro

2 weeks ago

For all its many virtues, there is one practical problem with the Microsoft Surface Pro: it’s pretty useless as a “laptop”. It’s great as a

Skype ending on TVs, Windows phone, RT

2 weeks ago

Several months ago I mentioned a notification on my LG smart TV that support for Skype was ending … along with a bunch of other

New iMac Pro, a computer to drool over

2 weeks ago

I know, I shall be cool and calm and not get to worked up. Wrong! A computer with Apple’s style and up to 18 cores

New Apple iPad Pro models launched

2 weeks ago

Apple has launched two new iPad Pro models, available to order from today, to ship out to purchasers next week. They feature a number of

iOS 11 a-comin’

2 weeks ago

Our colleague has already written about a great new feature that’s going to appear in your iPhone (5s or later) in a few months: Do

Apple to save thousands of lives with its Do Not Disturb While Driving mode

2 weeks ago

There are a lot of enhancements coming to iPhone and iPads with the release of iOS 11 this spring. One that deserves some attention is

Apple HomePod to hit homes in December

2 weeks ago

I think the word is “synergy”. It was popular a few years ago when companies felt they could bring together different, but complementary, ideas and

Review: JBL Everest 700 Bluetooth headphones

3 weeks ago

JBL hasn’t been in the music equipment business forever. Only 71 years. But its founder James B Lansing (yes, the same Lansing who started the