Apple ID Aggravation

2 days ago

Apple is one of those IT companies that makes some things very difficult for its customers. My guess is that this is in large part

Apple Pay comes to more banks

1 week ago

Apple Pay is coming to two more Australian banks and one credit union by the end of the Month. ING Direct and Macquarie Bank, along

Review: Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch (no Touch Bar)

2 weeks ago

As we reported three months ago, Apple has recently released a whole new replacement range of MacBook Pro computers. The MacBook Pro is the higher

USB Type-C solutions from Belkin

2 weeks ago

I keep prattling on about USB Type-C is taking over, and that this is good news. But, as always, switching from one standard (or from

Review: Apple iPhone 7 Plus

4 weeks ago

The iPhone 7 Plus is, of course, Apple’s large screen version of the iPhone. Unsurprisingly, it is in many ways identical, or at least very

How does Australia stack up on the cost of an iPhone?

1 month ago

Linio, a Latin American eCommerce platform trading as Rocket Internet Venture, has announced the 2017 Technology Price Index. This shows the comparative prices for fourteen

Apple App Store: Near a quarter billion dollars US sales in one day

2 months ago

So just how big is this app business anyway? It seems that iOS and Mac apps are very big business indeed. Apple says that on

Things to look forward to in 2017

2 months ago

We’re not so sure that 2016 represented a stellar year in gadgetry. Sure, there were all round improvements in all kinds of areas, but they

Oh, oh – ten things to do with tech gifts you didn’t want!

2 months ago

It was unwrapping time, perhaps on Christmas day, perhaps on the Eve, according to your family tradition. But disaster struck. You were gifted something which

The Puzzle of the iPod Nano

2 months ago

I had not realized this, but it appears that the Lightning connector on recent Apple products is a point of weakness. Not its fault probably.

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