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SelfieBot more than just a joke as New Zealand’s Dronies take off

They say that life imitates art, and proving that is a new technological trend happening in New Zealand reminiscent of an April Fools joke from earlier in the year, with a flying drone now able to take pictures of you as you go about your ski trip.

10:57 am 23/07/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Zoom, zoom: Samsung’s Galaxy K Zoom 10x optical camera phone reviewed

Cameras and phones have well and truly merged by now, but has the phone really replaced the camera? Not yet, as far as Samsung is concerned, but that could change with its latest release, the K Zoom, which integrates a 10x optical zoom 20 megapixel camera with — you guessed it — a phone.

12:41 pm 15/07/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Panasonic first with a compact capable of capturing 4K UHD

The next big thing in TVs is the world of Ultra HD, and while the TVs are gradually becoming larger in number for you to choose from, the content is not, with virtually nothing ready to play back in 4K’s native resolution. With a new product, Panasonic hopes to help provide a fix.

3:46 pm 12/06/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

For beginners on a budget: Nikon’s D3300 reviewed

Cameras are nowhere near as expensive as they once were, but Nikon’s latest entry level DSLR doesn’t just prove that the prices have dropped, with an emphasis on ease of use as well as quality for the price on offer.

5:14 pm 11/06/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Samsung’s K Zoom camera phone hits Australia

Smartphone cameras are improving, but almost all of them lack optical zoom, one of the things you need if you want to get close. A new Samsung phone could fix this, however, bundling 10x optical into something that has more in common with a phone than a camera.

5:18 pm 06/06/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Samsung shrinks its mirrorless for pockets, and not just those with big pockets

Mirrorless cameras were supposed to herald the end of carrying big cameras, but it hasn’t made as much of an impact as many thought, with still bulky sizes for interchangeable lens cameras. Samsung wants to do something about this, though, unveiling a compact mirrorless with an even more compact mount.

12:51 pm 04/06/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Optus adds data sharing for people with more than “just a smartphone”

It’s one of those things we’ve been asking telcos about ever since the first 3G tablets started dropping by, and now it looks to be here, as Optus delivers plans with shared data across five gadgets.

12:38 pm 02/06/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

SanDisk unleashes the world’s biggest upgrade for your mobile phone

Smartphones with a slot for microSD have one thing over those that don’t have them: upgradability, and with a microSD slot inside, you can expand on the 16 or 32GB you were given in the first place. SanDisk is making that happen in a big way, with 128GB now a possible upgrade.

4:28 pm 13/05/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Samsung’s camera phone updated with the K Zoom

Last year’s Galaxy S4 Zoom was one of the more intriguing camera phone prospects out there, delivering a proper camera with a proper phone, and not just the middle ground we’re used to. This year, though, Samsung is improving the formula.

2:31 pm 29/04/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Leica turns to aluminium for the next camera you can’t afford

Often, the best devices are those that feel like they’ve been made to survive, well, anything. Forget the plastic, we’re talking materials designed for strength, like magnesium, titanium, and aluminium, and it’s in that last one that Leica is turning to for a new camera.

11:20 am 28/04/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

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