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Sony gives two 30x compacts the ability to take selfies

We all know what a “selfie” is, but we’re not always happy with the outcome, and sometimes that’s just because of the quality of photos, but what if you had a compact camera that you could see the image on? As of June, Sony will have two.

12:18 pm 15/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Olympus gets tougher with a rugged RAW shooter

If you’re a bit clumsy with your camera or you like to take a jump in the water to take pictures under the sea, a new model from Olympus will do what it can to make sure your equipment survives with severe ruggedisation while keeping a degree of manual control.

5:01 pm 13/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Memory failure: what to do if a memory card breaks

We get lots of questions from readers, but one that never gets quite the right answer is what to do about memory cards that are on the way out. So what do you do if an SD card is failing, and what happens if you accidentally break one?

3:36 pm 10/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Nikon’s next mirrorless is the J5 with 4K video capture

A new compact mirrorless shooter is on the way for people who like small sizes and large output, with Nikon’s J5, a tiny camera that can capture 4K videos.

4:48 pm 02/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Yesterday was World Backup Day, so did you back up?

March 31 wasn’t just another day; it was a day to remind you to do something. And it’s something important for all people with a computer, smartphone, tablet, camera… just about anything that is digital.

11:11 am 01/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Netgear gets into home security with cordless Arlo

The home is getting smarter, and that’s something you can attribute to smart lightbulbs, smart appliances, and a conversation happening between your gadgets, but you’re going to need another set of gadgets to watch over your home, and that’s where Arlo comes in.

12:45 pm 27/03/2015 By Leigh D. Stark
Samsung's NX500 in black, with a Galaxy Note Edge behind it.

Samsung’s 4K compact arrives in April, NX500 for $999

Keen to shoot some 28 megapixel images and 4K UHD video but don’t like carrying around a big camera? You’re not the only one, and Samsung is showing what it can do to make your life easier with its compact NX500.

5:19 pm 20/03/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Whiskas brings Instagram to cats with Catstacam

It’s official: cats dominate the Internet, and you should prepare for a little more of that feline focus, as Whiskas builds a gadget that works with Instagram to upload pictures of what your little furry friend is doing all day.

12:49 pm 19/03/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Olympus outs a compact for people who don’t like lenses

Not everyone wants an interchangeable lens camera, and we’ll admit there are times when a compact is a little easier to take out and use. For that, Olympus has a new camera ready, and it even looks like an interchangeable just to make you stand out more.

6:11 pm 11/03/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

SanDisk announces 200GB microSD, laptop-sized storage for your phone

If you’re always running out of storage for your music, movies, photos, and apps, a new microSD could be just what the doctor ordered, especially when it brings more space to your smartphone than anything else before it.

4:00 pm 02/03/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

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