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Canon to teach a love of colour, light at Vivid Sydney

If you happen to be in Sydney in the next week or so, Sydney’s Vivid light and colour festival is one of those sights worth checking out, and if you’re keen to learn about cameras, Canon is there, too.

D-Link’s webcam ups the angles with 180 degrees

Security cameras are getting more connected meaning you can check them on your smartphone, but they don’t always cover the widest angles, and that’s why one company is changing things.

Olympus gets tough on action cameras with the Tracker

GoPro may get the attention for cameras that can take a beating, but Olympus was there ages ago, and we’re now seeing a return of sorts.

Nikon’s cameras will talk to phones and tablets this year

Camera companies need to find a way to get people to take pictures on more than just their phones, and so Nikon’s latest approach is actually kind of novel: make sure every camera talks to a phone.

Lexar gets microSD cards into iPhones, iPads

Getting big movies and photos into an iPad isn’t always easy, but a new accessory makes it fast and simple.

Lexar delivers an XQD reader as CompactFlash disappears

Memory card formats don’t tend to change often, but when they do, there’s usually a good reason. Unfortunately for the old CF cards, it might be time to move on.

Huawei, Leica collaboration yields dual-camera P9, P9 Plus

Mobile World Congress revealed a partnership between two big companies, and now we’re about to see what the two can do when they work together, as Huawei and Leica reveal what’s coming.

Panasonic outs the GX85 4K mirrorless with USB charging

Content for UHD TVs may be hard to find, but the cameras sure aren’t, with Panasonic announcing a new model that not only comes with 4K support, but also 5-axis stabilisation and an easy way to charge that camera.

Sony’s latest Cyber-shot camera goes long, 4K

Forget about missing a shot because the subject is too far, because the latest Sony camera is all about a super long lens.

Lexar to add as much as 200GB to phones, tablets, cameras

While Apple might still persist with fixed storage in phones and tablets, those of you with Android and Windows devices can happily upgrade storage, and now you can hit almost as high as it gets.

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