HP Mixed Reality headset and controllers (review)

13 hours ago

Microsoft thinks mixed reality – a mixture of virtual and real reality is the way to the future. PC makers including HP, Acer, ASUS, Dell

Samsung Fl!p’s into the boardroom

16 hours ago

Samsung’s smart signage division has released its Fl!p – an interactive display designed for education and boardrooms.

Dyson Supersonic – the hair dryer re-thought (review)

6 days ago

Dysons’s supersonic is the hair dryer re-thought. Does it live up to the Dyson pedigree? Is it a good hair dryer? Is it worth the

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool Link – not blown away but very good (review)

6 days ago

Dyson’s Pure Hot and Cool Link is a fan with heating, air purifying and an app. Its claim to fame is that it captures 99.95%

Logitech CRAFT keyboard is wheely good

1 week ago

Logitech has announced the CRAFT keyboard – the first ever with a context-specific, creative input dial that works with many Windows and macOS apps.

Dyson puts the wind up the woodwind section

1 week ago

A team of more than 50 of Dyson’s acoustic engineers have joined forces with musician David Roche to bring together an orchestra (Orion Orchestra) accompanied

Yeti – strange name for a mythical microphone (review)

2 weeks ago

Yeti is a big furry mythical, powerful creature. It is also the name of a big cylindrical USB microphone that bears a striking resemblance.

Toffee Osaka – tablet satchel with inscrutable chic (review)

2 weeks ago

The Toffee Osaka satchel has been designed to fit iPads (and similarly sized tablets) and protect it in a high thread count, water-resistant waxed canvas

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