Kaiser Baas gets into VR with plastic Cardboard

Google’s Cardboard has inspired a whole wave of manufacturers to make VR headsets that rely on your phone, and someone local is getting in on that.

Samsung’s Gear Fit2 arrives, hits sub-$300

When opting for a wearable gadget, there are numerous questions one needs to ask: what will it do, can it survive my life, and how much will it cost? Fortunately, Samsung has answered these with the Gear Fit2.

Hands-on with Moleskine’s Smart Writing Pen+

It’s official: pen and paper is passé, but you can make both of them work for the future, and Moleskine is leading the charge, revitalising the world of the smartpen for its classical journals.

Review: Benq WiT LED desk lamp

Benq may not be a brand you typically associate with lights, and we know it best for monitors, but your next work light could come from some neat R&D at this company.

Philips brightens Hue WiFi lights with second generation

The smarter home is closer to becoming a reality as Philips’ wireless lighting gets an update allowing iPhone owners to talk to their lights.

Magnetic phone cables could be a thing thanks to ASAP

Universal design is great in technology, because the idea that something should work one way and not break is always going to be a benefit to the consumer. While not all cables are made with this in mind, at least one more is being developed.

Samsung curves its screens for work, play

In the TV world, gimmicks reign supreme, and while the curved screen has kind of felt like one of those, it may actually have some real reasons to exist over in the world of computing.

Samsung gets back into fitness with Gear, IconX

Everyone has a wearable, and some companies have two or three. Samsung isn’t new to this area, but updates to wearables are a little long in the tooth, until this week, that is.

Hands-on with G-Tech’s first USB Type-C mobile drive

External drives are about to go through a bit of a change, as the ports shift to a newer standard. G-Technology is one of the first to do this, and we’re going hands-on with the result.

Diabetes monitoring patched to be fairly contact-free

Checking one’s insulin levels can be a pain in the proverbial, especially in public, but then there’s technology to the rescue.

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