Google Assisted with D-Link Smart Plugs

2 days ago

Home automation has been around for decades. Centrally controlled lights and curtains and air conditioning and all manner entertainment systems, there’s seemingly nothing new about

Seeing through distant eyes: Epson Moverio BT-300 Augmented Reality

3 weeks ago

Sydney, 28 June: Epson chose the Mosman Rowers waterfront restaurant to show off its new model Moverio BT-300 Augmented Reality glasses. Or, more particularly, their

Polar Seal Zip Top – a hot top coming soon to cool climes

2 months ago

No, hasn’t suddenly become a fashion site. But as someone who lives in cool to cold Canberra, now heading seriously into winter, this might

Review: Belkin Mixit RockStar 10000 battery pack

2 months ago

That new Belkin USB Type-C charging equipment I wrote about the yesterday reminded me of an overdue review. I mentioned in that piece the Belkin

USB Type-C charging with Belkin

2 months ago

Now that Samsung has taken the plunge and moved to USB Type-C sockets on its phones, third party suppliers of phone power gear are stepping

Review: 3SIXT Quick Charge Wall Charger

2 months ago

Somehow my office has become increasingly filled with USB power adaptors. A lot of them are from the kids’ old phones. As those phones have

Canon poses a dilemma: Donate or Keep?

2 months ago

Well, this ought to test us over the next three months. Canon is running a promotion in which you can receive a Cash Back of

A few things for Mom with three days to go

2 months ago

Don’t panic! Yes, only three days to go. Yes, if all else fails, carnations! But wouldn’t your mom like something better? Something she can use

Review: Lexar JumpDrive Tough 64GB; tested to destruction

2 months ago

I hope readers will indulge me as I dig into another flash drive, again from Lexar. We’ve looked at a lowish cost high capacity drive

Review: Sony FDR-X3000R 4K Action Camera with Live Remote Kit

2 months ago

I’m guessing that for many people, there’s really only one brand of action camera. But of course the major consumer electronics companies have the expertise

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