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GadgetGuy 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Last minute

Christmas is pretty much right around the corner, and if you haven’t had the time to grab a gift, we’re going to help out with some ideas at shops that shouldn’t be too hard to find.

10:04 am 19/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

What is a selfie stick? (and why many are using it wrong)

One of the questions that has populated our social feeds the past few weeks appears to be something many are seeing around the world: poles that hold people’s smartphones that allow them to take a self-portraits from afar. But the selfie stick is more than just a pole, and there’s a better way to use it than what we’re seeing.

5:41 pm 18/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Review: Fitbit Charge

If you feel like you need technology to help you out with that whole losing weight thing, Fitbit is here to help, and it’s hoping the Charge band gives you new momentum to start moving.

5:31 pm 15/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

GadgetGuy 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Budget buys

Our final gift guide for 2015 is all about budgets, because you’ve been tightening the belt in all regions this year, so why not have a cost-cutting celebration also.

2:05 pm 15/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Google’s Cardboard more than just a neat experiment

Google’s experiment into a cheaper version of virtual reality isn’t just an experiment anymore, as Google takes “Cardboard” more places, showing you how to make it yourself and getting more app developers involved.

12:44 pm 15/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

GadgetGuy 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Kids

Often considered the hardest bracket to buy for, kids don’t often have a specific focus, but want lots of stuff, so if you have kids, try these ideas.

3:13 pm 12/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

There’s nowhere to run, as cats get their own GPS tracking collar

You have GPS links for luggage, kids, and even dogs, so what would the next logical step be? Cats, of course!

2:16 pm 12/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

HTC’s Re camera Re-ady for Australia

HTC is known for smartphones, and we’ve even associated the brand with tablets, but cameras? That’s a new one, and the company has something new for a world obsessed with taking pictures everywhere.

1:23 pm 12/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Samsung’s Gear VR delayed, Australia to receive headset 2015

So much for a virtual reality friendly holiday season, as Samsung tells Aussies that it won’t be playing with the headset this Christmas.

6:59 am 11/12/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

BenQ gets into speakers with an electrostatic option

You might not pair the name “BenQ” with sound, but the brand is hoping to gain some red this week with the announcement of portable electrostatic speakers, aimed at delivering lower distortion and a flatter style for a speaker you can take out and about.

10:48 am 09/12/2014 By Staff writers

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