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Review: Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad

6 days ago

Perhaps I’m fussy, but if there’s one thing I hate most about Android phones, it’s plugging in the horrible charging connector. And that’s something you’ve

Five of the best: show your love for her this Valentine’s Day

2 weeks ago

Nothing says “I love you!” better on Saint Valentine’s Day than the gift of a thoughtfully chosen gadget. Well, except for diamonds, perfume, flowers, quality

USB Type-C solutions from Belkin

2 weeks ago

I keep prattling on about USB Type-C is taking over, and that this is good news. But, as always, switching from one standard (or from

Review: Oppo R9s smart phone

3 weeks ago

Once again Oppo has released a phone that defies its pricing in design and performance. The Oppo R9s is the current premium model from the

Belkin products to keep your phone powered up

3 weeks ago

Belkin has released two new products which ought to keep many smart phones charged and ready for action. The new Belkin Wireless Charging Pad is

Review: Moto 360 Sport smart watch

3 weeks ago

I’m feeling guilty. I’ve had the rather nifty Moto 360 Sport watch here for at least a couple of months, yet, day by day other

Batteries found to be the cause of Samsung Note 7’s catching fire

1 month ago

Battery manufacturing processes have been found to be the root cause of some Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire.

Huawei Mate 9, company’s flagship, available from 7 February

1 month ago

Chinese phone giant Huawei says that its flagship model phone, the Mate 9, will be available in Australia from 7 February 2017, with a recommended

Review: Plantronics BackBeat FIT Bluetooth earphones

1 month ago

Continuing my long search for practical exercise-appropriate Bluetooth headphones, I’m having a look this week at the Plantronics BackBeat FIT earphones. Features These are the

How does Australia stack up on the cost of an iPhone?

1 month ago

Linio, a Latin American eCommerce platform trading as Rocket Internet Venture, has announced the 2017 Technology Price Index. This shows the comparative prices for fourteen

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