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Huawei Mate 9, company’s flagship, available from 7 February

6 days ago

Chinese phone giant Huawei says that its flagship model phone, the Mate 9, will be available in Australia from 7 February 2017, with a recommended

Review: Plantronics BackBeat FIT Bluetooth earphones

1 week ago

Continuing my long search for practical exercise-appropriate Bluetooth headphones, I’m having a look this week at the Plantronics BackBeat FIT earphones. Features These are the

How does Australia stack up on the cost of an iPhone?

2 weeks ago

Linio, a Latin American eCommerce platform trading as Rocket Internet Venture, has announced the 2017 Technology Price Index. This shows the comparative prices for fourteen

Oh, oh – ten things to do with tech gifts you didn’t want!

3 weeks ago

It was unwrapping time, perhaps on Christmas day, perhaps on the Eve, according to your family tradition. But disaster struck. You were gifted something which

Last Minute Gifting

1 month ago

Bad news I’m afraid: there are only four days until Xmas. Okay, it might be good news for some. Little kids, for example, who are

Review: Motorola Moto Z smart phone

1 month ago

The Motorola Moto Z is the company’s premium smart phone model. And a fine phone it is, too, all by itself. But it turns out

Android for Xmas

1 month ago

In the long war for the tech allegiance of the masses – also known as Apple versus Android – hundreds of futile arguments are deployed.

Review: Alcatel Boost DEX smart phone

1 month ago

A shiny new premium smart phone costs over a thousand dollars. As we’ve seen over the course of the year, there are some very nifty

Xmas Guide: Gifts for Her

2 months ago

You’ve come to just the right place! You’re stuck, aren’t you? It has finally occurred to you that Xmas is looming and you have no

Samsung Galaxy Note7 – the final nail to be hammered on 15 December

2 months ago

First the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was well reviewed and well received … until units starting catching fire here and there. After a short while it

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