Review: JBL Everest 100 Bluetooth earphones

1 week ago

A couple of weeks ago we had a close look at the excellent JBL Everest 700 Bluetooth headphones. They were good sized, over ear models.

Review: Sennheiser HD 4.50BTNC Wireless Active Noise Cancelling headphones

1 week ago

Looking back on our coverage of Sennheiser over the years, I’m reminded of how wireless headphones used to work. Our review of the Sennheiser RS160

Why brand names are sometimes the best: an example with Sennheiser

2 weeks ago

In three months it will be twenty years ago since I purchased my second set of expensive headphones. The first set had been many years

Review: JBL Everest 700 Bluetooth headphones

3 weeks ago

JBL hasn’t been in the music equipment business forever. Only 71 years. But its founder James B Lansing (yes, the same Lansing who started the

A few things for Mom with three days to go

1 month ago

Don’t panic! Yes, only three days to go. Yes, if all else fails, carnations! But wouldn’t your mom like something better? Something she can use

Review: Jam Transit City Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth headphones

2 months ago

You’ve got to wonder how they do it. Audio gear maker Jam Audio has managed to pack both Bluetooth connectivity and active noise cancelling into

Wearable Waterproof Walkman from Sony

2 months ago

My, hasn’t the Walkman come a long way? The original chunky portable cassette player from 37 years ago has shrunk, become more robust, delivers far

Review: BeatsX wireless earphones

2 months ago

My quest for the perfect portable earphones for my iPod Nano continues. Wireless has become all the more important since I dropped the Nano the

Up to 14 hours of portable Bluetooth sound from JAM

3 months ago

I have a mild but, I think, largely untreatable anxiety condition. I’m worried about my batteries running out. Will the phone last through the day?

Review: Sol Republic Amps Air wireless earbuds

4 months ago

What a great set of ideas: earbuds without wires between them; a case which recharges them; a case, indeed, which at a pinch can be

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