Review: Kambrook KAF200 Air Chef Air Fryer

3 days ago

I’ve been eyeing them off the past year or two. Would they really make for healthier and easier cooking? Would their virtues actually justify the

Windows Fitbit app, arithmetically challenged

4 days ago

Let’s ignore the horrifying figures for the moment and focus on the direction of their movement. Happily, it’s downwards. I’m talking about my weight. I’ve

Ten products from CES to desire

2 weeks ago

Well, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has come and gone, and as usual there were acres of displays showing the kinds of things

Last Minute Gifting

1 month ago

Bad news I’m afraid: there are only four days until Xmas. Okay, it might be good news for some. Little kids, for example, who are

Garmin vivofit jr. to get Aussie kids fit

4 months ago

Enough of the oldies trying to get or stay fit. What about the alleged obesity epidemic amongst Australian children? Maybe they need a fitness gadget

Help the Deafblind community with your old smart phone

5 months ago

Do you have an old smart phone that still works? MobileMuster and Able Australia are calling for donations to help members of the deafblind community.

Fitbit launches new Flex 2 and Charge 2 fitness trackers

5 months ago

Fitbit launches two new activity trackers including the first ever swim-proof band in the Flex 2 and the more versatile Charge 2.

Don’t forget Dad: the Ten Top Gadget Gifts for Fathers’ Day!

5 months ago

About twenty years ago a book called “The Five Love Languages” was doing the rounds. The thesis was that each of us expresses love, and

Review: Fitbit Alta fitness tracker band

5 months ago

Perhaps the new wave of smart watches will threaten the producers of fitness bands. Perhaps not. But for whatever reason industry veteran Fitbit continues to

Food and Science Meet in the Shine Dome

5 months ago

Can science lend a hand with the health of Australians? Dr Ingid Appelqvist is giving a talk at the Shine Dome in Canberra about all

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