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Dyson makes light last 37 years with elegant Csys lamp

You might love lamp, but if you really love lamp, you’ll be interested to see how Dyson is working to make the lamp better for everyone, especially if you work while everything else remains dark.

3:24 pm 26/05/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Review: Husqvarna 136LiHD45 Hedge Trimmer

If a guy who rarely enters his backyard can use a hedge trimmer, it’s a winner, and that means Husqvarna’s battery powered 45cm trimmer wins the gold, ticking the boxes and trimming the hedges, too.

3:03 pm 25/05/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

LG clears the water with new a big new fridge

The next time you go for a glass of water, you might want to turn to your fridge rather than the tap, and that’s because some new technologies are being built into the ice box to provide water that’s better for you.

1:27 pm 16/05/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Fancy the best hair dryer in the world?

Sir James Dyson certainly doesn’t do things by half. He revolutionised the vacuum cleaner with cyclonic suction. He revamped fan and heaters with air multiplier technology. …

12:55 pm 28/04/2016 By Valens Quinn

Internet of Things comes to laundry via Omo

Smartphones, smartwatches, smartbands, smart TVs… so much of what we use in our life is smart, so it should come as no surprise that your laundry is about to get smart, too.

12:22 pm 18/04/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Dyson’s big ball vacuum is now smaller, more resistant to kicks

The next time you want to take out some anger on an appliance for forcing you to do housework, you might want to consider one engineered for kicks.

11:59 am 15/04/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

DeLonghi’s latest coffee machine has your barista in sights

There’s a new coffee machine in town, and it actually has the potential to cut down on the business your regular barista gets from you. Even from a brief hands on, it’s just that good.

5:35 pm 07/04/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Review: Aldi Expressi (2015)

Keen for a cup of coffee but don’t want to pay too much? Aldi’s Expressi machine may cater, and it’ll even fit into the tightest of spots.

1:10 pm 10/03/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Nespresso connects to phones for your daily dose of java

Forget reminding yourself to ever have a cup of coffee again, because the latest Nespresso gadget will make that cup when you tell it to using only your phone (and a coffee pod).

3:16 pm 04/03/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

KitchenAid adds length, width to bread cooking

A good toaster isn’t hard to build, but style isn’t always exuded by them. Fortunately if you need that in your bread toasting appliance, a couple of newbies from KitchenAid could be ideal.

2:33 pm 18/02/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

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