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French-door NR-CY54AGSAU leads Pana’s new fridge range

Five new models spread across three sizes and three finishes, and with prices ranging from $1399 to $2599: that’s Panasonic’s new range of refrigerators. The

The necessary appliance: a guide to the modern toaster

Sometimes the toaster needs a replacement, or even just a refresh, so if you find yourself craving toast, here's a guide to the modern toaster.

Review: DeLonghi PrimaDonna Elite coffee machine

DeLonghi’s latest machine may have a name deserving of people who fancy themselves over the top, but its quality speaks volumes enough that its actually deserved.

Samsung’s latest washing machine has Aussies in mind

It’s not every day you get a gadget made for the local market, but with Samsung’s latest washing machine, Australians have definitely been considered.

Philips brightens Hue WiFi lights with second generation

The smarter home is closer to becoming a reality as Philips’ wireless lighting gets an update allowing iPhone owners to talk to their lights.

Braun sharpens skills for precision beard trimming

As a guy with a beard, this journalist can tell you that nothing is more frustrating than a trim that isn’t as schmick as you hope for, but with a new trimmer on the way, Braun is hoping that feeling becomes a thing of the past.

Dyson makes light last 37 years with elegant Csys lamp

You might love lamp, but if you really love lamp, you’ll be interested to see how Dyson is working to make the lamp better for everyone, especially if you work while everything else remains dark.

Review: Husqvarna 136LiHD45 Hedge Trimmer

If a guy who rarely enters his backyard can use a hedge trimmer, it’s a winner, and that means Husqvarna’s battery powered 45cm trimmer wins the gold, ticking the boxes and trimming the hedges, too.

LG clears the water with new a big new fridge

The next time you go for a glass of water, you might want to turn to your fridge rather than the tap, and that’s because some new technologies are being built into the ice box to provide water that’s better for you.

Fancy the best hair dryer in the world?

Sir James Dyson certainly doesn’t do things by half. He revolutionised the vacuum cleaner with cyclonic suction. He revamped fan and heaters with air multiplier technology.

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