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The Daily Grind (2010)

7 years ago

Want a coffee hit, and you want it now? Not a second later? An ideal way to get a quick caffeine fix at home, or

Toasters of Tomorrow

7 years ago

  A toaster does one thing and does it well: it cooks bread. So if there’s one appliance you would never think to change, it

mypressi Twist portable espresso coffee maker

7 years ago

The mypressi Twist portable espresso coffee maker is now available in Australia, and is being distributed by Tobys Estate. Winner of the 2009-2010 “Best New

Handpresso for espresso coffee anywhere, anytime

7 years ago

The Handpresso range of portable, handheld espresso machines allow you to make a great cup of coffee anywhere, anytime – without the need for mains

Dyson Air Multiplier – this one doesn’t suck, it blows

8 years ago

Quite a few weeks ago the good folk at Dyson told me they had something new and pretty exciting coming out soon. They could say

Sharp AX-1500JS SuperSteam Oven – healthy technology

8 years ago

Combining ‘SuperSteam’, convection, steam and microwave technology into one unit, the Sharp AX-1500JS SuperSteam Oven is a 1450 watt counter-top cooker that wants to help

Lavazza A Moda Mio Extra coffee machine

8 years ago

Espresso makers that use pre-packed capsules are compact and mess-free, allowing even the most talent-less barista to make rich a brew with a velvety crema

Samsung’s fast cooking, self-steam cleaning oven

8 years ago

Cooking a roast doesn’t have to be an arduous task anymore thanks to Samsung’s new fast-cook oven. Eat quickly and healthily with the – a

Coffee machines buyers guide: everything you need to know (2008)

9 years ago

Plunging into your very first coffee machine purchase? There’s a machine designed for you – whether you’re seeking a ‘barista robot’ that does everything for

Moveable cool: Portable airconditioner buyers guide (2007)

10 years ago

You?ve had enough of summer heatwaves. The kids can?t sleep, your home office computer is overheating and you feel that you are living in a