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KEF LS50 Wireless – truly high end Network and Bluetooth

3 days ago

Lots of speaker makers have taken to developing good quality wireless speakers, with interesting designs, decent sound and the consumer confidence engendered by imprimatur of

Review: Sony MDR-1000X noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones

5 days ago

How do you know if noise cancelling headphones are serious? One tell is whether they are “on ear” or “over ear”. Headphones that fully surround

Ten products from CES to desire

2 weeks ago

Well, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has come and gone, and as usual there were acres of displays showing the kinds of things

Samsung’s new 4K TV looks pretty as a picture

2 weeks ago

Samsung's new 4K TV is built to masquerade as a picture frame for the times when you want your TV to disappear.

Samsung unveils its new QLED TV range

2 weeks ago

Samsung launches its new premium range QLED TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Are they Samsung's best TVs yet?

CES 2017 – Sony’s Innovation promise

2 weeks ago

Sony hit the stage today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with a very surprising addition to its TV line up, along with

CES 2017 Commences – and LG starts off the show

2 weeks ago

Who’d have thought it. In an enormous barn in Las Vegas, full of the latest and best of gadgets that the finest minds and biggest

Things to look forward to in 2017

3 weeks ago

We’re not so sure that 2016 represented a stellar year in gadgetry. Sure, there were all round improvements in all kinds of areas, but they

Digital Radio to spread more widely in Australia, finally!

3 weeks ago

At last! After years of the benefits of digital radio being confined to the five mainland state capital cities, some other areas of Australia are

Pirate site blocking spurs VPN use

4 weeks ago

Nord VPN, a provider of Virtual Private Network services, says that Australians are responding to increased Internet restrictions by choosing VPNs. This follows an order

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