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LG TVs get thinner and more pure in colour

6 hours ago

Today Korean giant LG Electronics showed off a range of premium sound and picture products which will be appearing in coming weeks. The highlight was

Samsung launches new, bright QLED TVs for 2017

1 week ago

At a, let’s admit it, sumptuous event last night at the Sydney Opera House, Samsung launched its 2017 range of ultra high definition TVs, along

Review: Panasonic SC-ALL05GN Wireless Speaker System

3 weeks ago

Seemingly every consumer electronics company has a wireless multiroom audio system of some sort, and Panasonic isn’t the kind of company to be left behind.

Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings on a streaming mobile future

3 weeks ago

Way back in 1997 an American chap named Reed Hastings sold his computer software business for a cool $US700 million, and put $US2.5 million of

IMDB Retiring Message Boards

1 month ago

Movie junkies – well, this one at least – usually keep a browser tab open on IMDB. That’s the Internet Movie Database. This is the

Valentine’s Day message from Netflix: Australians cheat on their significant others

1 month ago

Movie and TV streaming behemoth Netflix has issued a warning this Saint Valentine’s Day: there’s an epidemic of Australians cheating on their partners … when

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon 2M Red turntable gives performance boost

2 months ago

It’s funny how turntables have made such a comeback. We went from analogue to digital on a physical format (the CD) to digital in the

Review: Polk Boom Bit wearable Bluetooth speaker

2 months ago

Personal audio normally goes with silence. You plug your earphones into your ears and you can take your music everywhere you go, usually without sharing

KEF LS50 Wireless – truly high end Network and Bluetooth

2 months ago

Lots of speaker makers have taken to developing good quality wireless speakers, with interesting designs, decent sound and the consumer confidence engendered by imprimatur of

Review: Sony MDR-1000X noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones

2 months ago

How do you know if noise cancelling headphones are serious? One tell is whether they are “on ear” or “over ear”. Headphones that fully surround

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