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Review: Yamaha WXA-50/WXC-50 Wireless Streaming Amplifier/Pre-Amplifier

7 days ago

Multiroom audio is all over the place now, but the company to come up with the best name was also the first: Yamaha. It called

Apple HomePod teardown – hacksaw (1) HomePod (0)

1 week ago

iFixit had to sacrifice its A$499 Apple HomePod to the gods of the hacksaw to get inside. While repairability is not the issue, the secret

Samsung’s bloody big 49” QLED gaming monitor (review)

1 week ago

Please forgive the Aussie profanity but that is perhaps the best way to describe Samsung’s 49” super ultra-wide 32:9, 3840 x 1080, 1800R curved, Free-sync,

Yeti – strange name for a mythical microphone (review)

1 week ago

Yeti is a big furry mythical, powerful creature. It is also the name of a big cylindrical USB microphone that bears a striking resemblance.

Logitech K830 TV – Bluetooth keyboard/trackpad for HTPC (review)

1 week ago

Logitech’s K830 TV illuminated living-room Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad works with almost all Bluetooth equipped Windows, Android, Chrome and even some macOS and iOS devices.

Samsung ‘The Frame’ gets 43” sibling

2 weeks ago

Samsung says its new 43” ‘The Frame’ is a real frame-changer for smaller spaces like apartments, kitchens and bedrooms where 55 and 65” ‘Frames’ are

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM explodes with new colours

2 weeks ago

If you have never seen a speaker with colours called Concrete, Avocado and Unicorn then pop into a major retailer and have a look at

Apple HomePod only for Apple Aficionados

2 weeks ago

Eight months ago, GadgetGuy carried an article about Apple’s ‘groundbreaking HomePod’. Well, the long gestation is over, and a bouncing baby HomePod is here.

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