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Panasonic, Samsung reveal 4K Blu-rays, with movies out too

The Ultra HD TV world has gone without content long enough, and if you joined the UHDTV revolution early, you can finally find content for your newish TV.

4:36 pm 24/05/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

KEF’s eggheads build a like-minded speaker

If you see the named “KEF” on a speaker, you can pretty much rest assured it’s made for sound, though the latest product from the UK sound group isn’t just about audio, but design, too.

10:18 am 29/04/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Review: LG 65 inch EF950T OLED TV

OLED TVs are finally straightening out, and now that flat is back, it’s time to see if these tellies are worth your cash.

3:51 pm 26/04/2016 By Thomas Bartlett

B&O takes on UE with a smaller super speaker

Portable audio is one of those areas just totally going off, and while Logitech’s Ultimate Ears brand may well be getting attention, the Danish engineers at Bang & Olufsen have something of their own to show off.

11:48 am 22/04/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Sony pumps up the volume with speakers made for EDM

Know anyone who likes electronic, dance, dubstep or trance? If you do or your kids just keep you up with a bit of the “doof doof”, a new audio range is out and ready for your bassy needs.

3:05 pm 30/03/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

LG’s latest crop of TVs is bright, thin, and about HDR in 2016

4K Ultra HD technology isn’t new, but it hasn’t done much to win over new customers outside of the promise of “greater resolution”. Fortunately, a change is coming, with LG and Dolby at the forefront.

3:58 pm 24/03/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Audeze pre-empts the iPhone 7 with a Lightning cable

Rumours abound for the next iPhone in September featuring no 3.5mm jack, and if that’s the case, some headphones are going to need different cables. Audeze is already there, and has an amp on-board.

11:43 am 10/03/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Review: Samsung R5 Multiroom 360 Sound speaker (WAM5500)

The idea of sound everywhere in the home is one that makes us happy, but sometimes you just want a speaker to send music everywhere in one room. Fortunately, Samsung is stepping up to the task with the omnidirectional R5, and it’s multiroom too.

11:37 am 19/02/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Chromecast 2.0 arrives in Australia this week

Last week, we wrote that Google had no timeline for the second edition of the Chomecast. Turns out that it does: this week.

1:50 pm 18/02/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

Google’s new Chromecast arrives, but not from Google

Keen to grab a new Chromecast but don’t want that old version Aussie retailers sell? One retailer has your back, and before Google, no less.

10:20 am 12/02/2016 By Leigh D. Stark

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