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Naim touches multi-room WiFi streaming with a sleek box

Sonos may dominate the world of multi-room audio, but it’s not the only player, and when it comes to high-end audio, BlueSound is about to have some competition, as Naim joins in with its WiFi box.

10:55 am 24/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

KEF revives its “Reference” speakers, we go ears-on

We’re not sure anyone really has a spare $28,000, but if they happen to have a budget close to that for speakers, KEF’s revived “reference” speaker could just be the best thing you’ll hear. It was for us.

11:05 am 23/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Colour clarity: eyes-on with Samsung’s 2015 line-up

Picking a TV this year is going to be particularly interesting for consumers looking to plonk money down on a new purchase, and with Samsung showing its might in LCD development, the choice between OLED and LCD is now harder than ever.

5:12 pm 17/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Samsung Sound aims to be not just ahead, but part of the curve

Tired of the same boring flat speaker that we’ve had for yonks? Apparently Samsung is too, and is shaking things up this year with curves and soft flowing circular lines, building soundbars and speakers that look nothing like products you’ve seen from other vendors.

3:38 pm 15/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Samsung’s Evolution Kit with Tizen confirmed in Australia

We haven’t heard much about Samsung’s Evolution Kit in 2015, but at the launch of its TVs this week, we had a proper confirmation that the Evo Kit is still a thing, and it’ll even be in Australia very soon.

10:50 am 15/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Samsung adds an S to UHD making it superbly “ultra”

TV buyers in 2015 don’t just have to contend with Ultra HD TVs, with an extra “S” being added to Samsung’s range promising stronger colours through nano-crystal technology.

6:31 pm 14/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

LG to make multi-room magic with soundbars and portability

It’s taken a few years for companies to pick up on the battleground that is multi-room audio, but that looks to be the next place LG will be playing for keeps, not just settling with one or two speakers, but going the full hearing hog this year.

5:21 pm 10/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Did LG accidentally spill the beans on Apple’s 8K plans?

Salespeople might well be informing the public on how Full HD has just been beaten by Ultra HD, but there’s another level beyond this, and Apple may well be jumping onto this sooner than we expect.

1:36 pm 07/04/2015 By Staff writers

LG makes 4K Ultra HD a big priority in 2015

Ultra HD has been around for a couple of years, and in 2015 LG looks to make a big deal out of 4K, with big screens, big features, and a big look at how they deal with colour and light.

4:54 pm 01/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Pure pops a digital radio on, off with a single button

Media players tend to have lots of buttons to press, confusing owners in the process, but a new product on the way from Pure brings things back to basics.

2:59 pm 27/03/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

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