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Sounds great: Marshall’s Stanmore Bluetooth speaker reviewed

Bluetooth speakers tend to have a very same-same look, what with all the small cylindrical or rectangular boxes out there, but Marshall’s Stanmore is something different, very different, focusing on the brand’s heritage and delivering a speaker for musos.

4:35 pm 18/09/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

McIntosh turns out a trio for high-end audio enthusiasts

When it comes to high-end audio, there are names that you’ll know. Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins, and more with an ampersand in there. Then there’s McIntosh.

2:14 pm 18/09/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

LG pushes big screens with mini projectors

According to some research by LG, people want big screens. Bigger than big screens, and portability with them too, and because you can’t just carry a 55 inch TV with you — we’ve tried — LG has come up with some tiny projectors.

11:31 am 18/09/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Bose expands Bluetooth range with a speaker and headphone duo

Bose is one active company lately, and while we saw new noise cancellation cans barely a week ago, now we’re seeing a new pair of headphones designed for people who hate cables, with a speaker to match that ethos.

9:05 am 17/09/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Review: Monster NCredible NTune headphones

Monster’s NCredible NTune headphones make a bold claim of “headphones with attitude,” but is it the right sort of attitude for your tracks, or would you be better off buying headphones with personality, instead?

5:24 pm 12/09/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Sony, Philips beat Beats to Lightning headphones

If there’s one company we expected to make Lightning headphones first, it was Apple, or at least the headphone brand it bought recently, Beats. But a couple of brands have beaten Beats to the punch.

2:06 pm 12/09/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Bose reworks the QuietComfort to be lighter, sleeker, comfier

Hopping on a plane or taking a train and don’t want to hear the world around you? Noise cancelling headphones are a must, and while phones and wearables are the big news this week, there’s also news if you fancy a new pair of cans.

3:51 pm 05/09/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Music streaming to go high-res with Tidal overseas

Prefer CDs and music of a higher bitrate than what the traditional streaming service puts out? You’re going to love what’s coming.

2:37 pm 05/09/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Sonos heaves the hub, makes WiFi only an option

One of the original names behind multi-room audio is changing the way its technology works, cutting out the mesh network hub if you don’t need it, and that’s good news for consumers.

11:00 am 03/09/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

Review: Onkyo ES-FC300 on-ear headphones

Onkyo sure knows a thing or two about music, and in its FC300 headphones, it’s not just flaunting what it knows, it’s also trying to show that it has some style, too.

5:40 pm 02/09/2014 By Leigh D. Stark

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