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Pandora leaves our shores

3 weeks ago

Music streaming service Pandora has ceased operations in Australia and New Zealand, as of yesterday. Previously we were the only nations outside of the US

The iconic iPod is now dead

3 weeks ago

I am still awaiting formal confirmation from Apple, but it seems that the iPod is dead. (UPDATE: Now confirmed by Apple Australia with the following

Apple HomePod to hit homes in December

3 months ago

I think the word is “synergy”. It was popular a few years ago when companies felt they could bring together different, but complementary, ideas and

No, MP3 is not dead

3 months ago

Over the last couple of days I’ve kept stumbling across reports claiming that MP3 is no more. That, says Gizmodo, “it’s dead”. The piece title

Confirmed: Windows 10 now supports USB Audio Class 2.0

4 months ago

People who like high resolution music, and like to use a computer to deliver it, have been irritated for years by the failure of Windows

Wearable Waterproof Walkman from Sony

4 months ago

My, hasn’t the Walkman come a long way? The original chunky portable cassette player from 37 years ago has shrunk, become more robust, delivers far

Panasonic goes OLED

4 months ago

Sydney, 11 April 2017 – Japanese consumer electronics giant Panasonic today launched its 2017 model TVs, along with a range of UltraHD Blu-ray players and

Review: Panasonic SC-ALL05GN Wireless Speaker System

6 months ago

Seemingly every consumer electronics company has a wireless multiroom audio system of some sort, and Panasonic isn’t the kind of company to be left behind.

Review: Polk Boom Bit wearable Bluetooth speaker

7 months ago

Personal audio normally goes with silence. You plug your earphones into your ears and you can take your music everywhere you go, usually without sharing

The Puzzle of the iPod Nano

8 months ago

I had not realized this, but it appears that the Lightning connector on recent Apple products is a point of weakness. Not its fault probably.

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