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Review: Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad

1 week ago

Perhaps I’m fussy, but if there’s one thing I hate most about Android phones, it’s plugging in the horrible charging connector. And that’s something you’ve

Five of the best: show your love for her this Valentine’s Day

2 weeks ago

Nothing says “I love you!” better on Saint Valentine’s Day than the gift of a thoughtfully chosen gadget. Well, except for diamonds, perfume, flowers, quality

USB Type-C solutions from Belkin

3 weeks ago

I keep prattling on about USB Type-C is taking over, and that this is good news. But, as always, switching from one standard (or from

Review: Oppo R9s smart phone

3 weeks ago

Once again Oppo has released a phone that defies its pricing in design and performance. The Oppo R9s is the current premium model from the

Review: Apple iPhone 7 Plus

1 month ago

The iPhone 7 Plus is, of course, Apple’s large screen version of the iPhone. Unsurprisingly, it is in many ways identical, or at least very

Batteries found to be the cause of Samsung Note 7’s catching fire

1 month ago

Battery manufacturing processes have been found to be the root cause of some Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire.

MobileMuster feeding people with your old phone

1 month ago

The folk at MobileMuster are at it again, turning old phones into something of value. A few months ago we reported how MobileMuster was repurposing

Huawei Mate 9, company’s flagship, available from 7 February

1 month ago

Chinese phone giant Huawei says that its flagship model phone, the Mate 9, will be available in Australia from 7 February 2017, with a recommended

Review: Plantronics BackBeat FIT Bluetooth earphones

1 month ago

Continuing my long search for practical exercise-appropriate Bluetooth headphones, I’m having a look this week at the Plantronics BackBeat FIT earphones. Features These are the

Review: UBTech Robotics Corporation Alpha 1 Pro Artificial Intelligent Robot

2 months ago

Some futurists fear the singularity – the moment at which artificial intelligence reaches such a point of advancement it can improve its own design, advancing

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