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Review: Belkin Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air

How slim can an iPad keyboard get? Belkin’s Thin Type Keyboard Case takes its QODE keyboard design and applies it to a keyboard case that measures only 4mm thick. Is that enough to make a comfortable typing experience, or would you be better of with something else?

3:56 pm 09/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

New stylus arrives for Aussie digital artists offering wood, graphite, gold

The pencil is coming back, with a return to form from the thing that let you fill out forms, or just write and draw as you please. App developer FiftyThree is leading the charge with a Bluetooth “Pencil” made for its popular app “Paper”.

11:04 am 09/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Apple’s iPad Air 2 gains a hidden keyboard with Moshi

It’s not hard to see Apple’s iPad Air 2 as a serious content creation tool, and we’ve even written a book on the thing, but to do that, you generally need a decent set of keys, and these can make the iPad look a little bigger, but Moshi hopes to solve this.

4:37 pm 07/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Optus starts sharing data between family members

Families might have a reason to switch telcos, at least until other mobile providers wake up and smell the breakfast, because Optus has started offering something with real value.

2:53 pm 07/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Yesterday was World Backup Day, so did you back up?

March 31 wasn’t just another day; it was a day to remind you to do something. And it’s something important for all people with a computer, smartphone, tablet, camera… just about anything that is digital.

11:11 am 01/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Microsoft announces Surface 3 with Windows 8.1, no more RT

We always wondered what would become of Windows RT, the light version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system that could only run apps made for Windows 8. Today, it is no more, as Microsoft announces a new version of Surface that is all grown up.

10:32 am 01/04/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

HP teams up with Bang & Olufsen for sound collaboration

HP has a history in working with companies that love sound, and now that Beats is owned by Apple, it obviously needs a new partner, which is why it is turning to sound innovators B&O.

10:04 am 25/03/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Samsung ruggedises a tablet with Tab Active

A new tablet is on the way for people who need tablets to be a little more rugged than the rest of us, as Samsung embraces the “Active” name once more.

6:03 pm 24/03/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Windows 10 likely coming winter in Australia

Forget the typical October Windows launch dates, because Microsoft is eyeing the season, with winter being the likely time to see Windows 10 hit shelves.

3:38 pm 18/03/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Six months on: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

When Samsung launched its Galaxy Tab S last year, we saw a different side of Samsung. No longer was it trying to play catch-up to the iPad, competing properly with a sharp high-res screen, thin textured body, and a speedy processor. Six months on, is this still a great tablet?

11:59 am 09/03/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

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