Six and a half years with the original iPad

2 months ago

It was November 2010 when I laid hands on just about the most exciting gadget ever to come into my possession. It was the iPad.

Review: Brydge 12.3 attachable Bluetooth keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro

2 months ago

For all its many virtues, there is one practical problem with the Microsoft Surface Pro: it’s pretty useless as a “laptop”. It’s great as a

New Apple iPad Pro models launched

3 months ago

Apple has launched two new iPad Pro models, available to order from today, to ship out to purchasers next week. They feature a number of

iOS 11 a-comin’

3 months ago

Our colleague has already written about a great new feature that’s going to appear in your iPhone (5s or later) in a few months: Do

Review: Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 computer (Black Edition) (Code: A520303AU)

3 months ago

I hate cooling fans in computers. I remember the general horror that greeted the Intel 80486 – I think that was the one – because

Review: 3SIXT Quick Charge Wall Charger

3 months ago

Somehow my office has become increasingly filled with USB power adaptors. A lot of them are from the kids’ old phones. As those phones have

Review: Toshiba Portégé X20W-D 2-in-1 computer

3 months ago

The newest of Toshiba’s Portégé line of computers is the X20, a 2 in 1 convertible. You know the kind of thing: you might think

Quick: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 $799 bargain

4 months ago

I see that JB HI-FI has a special on for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. The run out price is $899. JB’s price is $799

Review: D-Link Omna 180 Cam HD (Model DSH-C310)

4 months ago

With Apple’s latest version of iOS – iOS 10 – has come a nifty new home control and security system called “Home Kit”. This is

Lenovo launches new Moto, Yoga Miix and Tab at MWC

6 months ago

Lenovo, in addition to operating in its own name as a supplier of computing products, is also the owner of mobile phone maker Motorola. It

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