Telstra’s QWERTY Touch combines keyboard and touchscreen for $150

Combining a touchscreen with a QWERTY keypad for a mere $149, is Telstra’s QWERTY Touch the ideal smartphone for beginners?


The candy-bar design of the Android-based QWERTY Touch is similar to the HTC ChaCha, with a 2.6 inch touchscreen occupying the top half of the phone and a physical button QWERTY keypad dominating the bottom. In between these two sections is a row of buttons, including a green Call button, Home, Menu, directional pad with big Enter button, Search, Back, and End Call.

The only other buttons on the handset are a power button, located at the top edge, and volume on the left side.

Specifications for the ZTE-manufactured Telstra QWERTY Touch are basic, with all operations powered by a 600MHz processor. This compares to the 1GHz and higher processor speeds found on mid-range to top-tier handsets, and while adequate for most functions, won’t provide the same performance seen in premium-price handsets.

Telstra's QWERTY Touch comes in black and pink.

Google’s latest version of Android– 2.3, “Gingerbread” –  is here, as are its usual accompaniments: wireless hotspot technology, Google’s own turn-by-turn navigation, and support for websites with Flash.

Connectivity is pretty standard, with GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and support for 3G data at a max of 7.2Mbps. A microUSB port sits on the right side, allowing you to both charge the handset as well as move files – such as music or photos – to the handset from a computer.

The battery is smaller than we’re used to, with an 1100mAh supply on offer.

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  1. Android Freak
    December 04, 17:58 Android Freak

    I am really considering getting this phone, but still not sure.

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  2. Sutto
    December 11, 11:30 Sutto

    The phone is awesome

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  3. Leigh :) Stark
    January 08, 12:23 Leigh :) Stark

    We’d ask someone at a Telstra store.

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  4. Monique Cameron
    January 13, 11:21 Monique Cameron

    they are amazing phones they work briliaintly

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  5. Monique Cameron
    January 13, 11:21 Monique Cameron

    i have the pink one

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  6. Susieflynnsc
    January 13, 11:33 Susieflynnsc

    I paid $36 in Bi Lo for mine. Love it. Best ‘phone I have ever had and I have had a lot!!

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  7. Susieflynnsc
    January 13, 11:35 Susieflynnsc

    Bi Lo have them on special again at the moment. Pink or back. I have the black!

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  8. Samantha
    January 23, 18:14 Samantha

    I have a black one but I need a case for my Telstra qwerty touch.. Is ther such thing as one???

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  9. Katherine Goonan
    January 30, 14:16 Katherine Goonan

    Does anyone know how to extend the time given to answer the phone before it goes to voice mail?

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  10. Sue Wilson
    April 23, 18:58 Sue Wilson

    The touch screen is not working (perhaps because I dropped my phone) How can I unlock the phone with keyboard?

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  11. Jennieobra
    July 02, 18:13 Jennieobra

    i just bought a new one and don’t know how to put the battery.please help me how to do it

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  12. Nuttymeg1
    July 09, 20:28 Nuttymeg1

    I’ve just got the pink one and have no idea how to use it is there somewhere i can get an instruction manual this is the first phone ive bought that didn’t come with one

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  13. Xrystal
    September 17, 13:03 Xrystal

    can you please get creative covers for this phone and email me when you get some please. or let me know where to find them i love this phone but i drop it alot and im in need of a cover. would be great! thanks

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    • Leigh :) Stark
      September 17, 13:15 Leigh :) Stark

      We’d probably head to a Telstra store to find one.

      In Australia, the phone is unique to Telstra, so that’s the best we can suggest.

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      • Xrystal
        September 17, 20:14 Xrystal

        Shattered 🙁 ive been to i wouldnt say every Telstra store here. But every Telstra store near where i live. Thanks anyway 🙂

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  14. gary
    October 16, 11:22 gary

    how do you get the cover off to put the sim in please ?

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