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Kogan Wi-Fi Digital Radio to ship July 24

July 3, 2009

Kogan Technologies has launched the Kogan Wi-Fi Digital Radio, complete with an iPod dock with charger function and USB slot for access to MP3 players.

Digital radio finally switched on in Sydney

June 16, 2009

After a delay of a week or so due to the heavy rain, digital radio has finally been switched on in Sydney. Commercial radio stations

Digital radio switches on in Brisbane on May 25

May 22, 2009

Commercial radio stations in Brisbane 4BC, 4BH, 4KQ, Triple M, b105, 97.3 FM, Nova, Radio TAB, Radar, Pink Radio and NovaNation join commercial stations in

Sangean’s WFT-1D+ and WFR-1D+ DAB+ digital radios

May 20, 2009

Digital broadcasts from commercial radio stations commenced in Australia’s major cities in May, and Sangean is widening the choice in DAB+ digital radios on retail

Melbourne to begin digital radio broadcasting on May 11

May 8, 2009

Commercial radio stations in Melbourne MIX, GOLD, SEN, 3AW, 3MP, FOX, MAGIC, TRIPLE M, NOVA, VEGA, Sport 927, Radar, Pink Radio, Koffee and NovaNation begin

Digital radio switches on in Perth

May 4, 2009

Commercial radio stations in Perth – Mix 94.5, 92.9, Nova 93.7, 6PR, 96 fm, 6ix, Radar, Pink Radio and Novanation created radio history on Monday,

Yamaha announce their first DAB+ digital radios – the TSX-130 and TSX-120

April 27, 2009

Yamaha Music Australia have announced the release of their first DAB+ radios. Stylishly designed, the TSX-130 and TSX-120 offer a range of features and versatility

The path to digital radio – a short history of our next big digital move

April 7, 2009

Why has digital radio taken so long to happen? When we ask CEO of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner, why digital radio has taken so

Digital radio FAQ

April 3, 2009

What is digital radio? Digital radio transmission, using a compressed signal that will be decoded by a receiver. Australia will use the DAB+ standard, which

Digital radio vs AM and FM radio

April 3, 2009

DAB+ vs AM radio Compared to AM, DAB+ has vastly superior audio quality. It’s essentially like travelling to your favourite AM station and camping outside

Digital radio review round-up – 12 of Australia’s first

April 3, 2009

Digital radio will finally begin in Australia in May, 2009. As is always the case, you will pay a premium to own new technology. The

Digital radio buyers guide

April 2, 2009

Digital radio is here, with Australia using the new DAB+ technology - promising better quality and a range of new features not available from AM and FM radio.

Digital radio terminology: radiotext and UPnP

April 2, 2009

Radiotext Along with the audio, it’s also possible for digital radio stations to broadcast textual information. In many digital radios, this appears as a scrolling

Digital radio roadmap finally announced – August 6 now the launch date

March 3, 2009

The scheduled launch of digital radio in Australia is to be delayed due to a lack of readiness by public broadcasters ABC and SBS, with

Arcam FMJ T32 DAB/FM/AM tuner – digital radio ready

February 16, 2009

Having designed and manufactured radio tuners since the late 1970s Arcam has a wealth of experience in delivering high performance from radio broadcasts. The new

Digital radio: live demonstration broadcasts of real-time traffic information have begun

October 7, 2008

Sentinel Content and Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) revealed today that they have successfully begun live demonstration broadcasts of real-time traffic information on digital radio. Digital