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Amazon’s Kindle Touch: swipe to read for $185

5 years ago

One of the things we hear people ask is why ebook readers don't function like an iPad or Android and why can't you flick the screen with your fingers like on tablets? Well, a new eReader coming to Australia will allow just that.

Unboxing: Amazon Kindle (2011)

6 years ago

Amazon's latest Kindle has arrived, much smaller than the one we remember. The new Kindle weighs only 170 grams - lighter than most books - and features the same 6 inch e-ink screen seen on previous models.

Apple takes on the Kindle with iBook

8 years ago

With today’s launch of Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle e-book has some serious competition. iBook, which will draw in thousands of titles from 5 major publishers,

Can Asus “out-Kindle” the Kindle?

8 years ago

So you’ve been waiting for the next generation e-book reader, the Kindle DX? A bigger and better model than its predecessor, it promises a 9.7

Amazon’s Kindle for iPhone & iPod Touch app now available

8 years ago

Amazon’s Kindle for iPhone app is now available free on the Apple App Store for your download pleasure. Released in more than 60 countries, the

Kindle Christmas ideas – what books to buy?

8 years ago

Kindle, Amazon’s e-book reader, which resembles an oversized third-generation iPod Nano, is now available for customers outside the US. This is really good news for

Kindle electronic book inked in for October 19 release

8 years ago

If you’re even slightly gadget-curious you would have heard or read about the Kindle, from the online retailing behemoth that is Amazon. In short, the

Dick Smith to go as electronic retailer shuts shop

2 years ago

Local places to buy electronics have just reduced in number, as Dick Smith confirms that it is closing down, putting roughly 3000 staff out of work.

GadgetGuy 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Last minute ideas

2 years ago

You waited too long and you know it, and now you’ll have to brave the crowds and fight the lines. Let’s see if we can help out with some last minute easy to find gift ideas.

Winning: what to buy if you won big in Melbourne Cup

2 years ago

At 3pm across Australia, the nation stopped as it watched a few horses run around a track, and quite a few of us had big money riding on that race. If you lost, don’t worry about it and just have a drink, but if you won, here are some ideas that could make you smile.