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Kindle electronic book inked in for October 19 release

October 8, 2009

If you’re even slightly gadget-curious you would have heard or read about the Kindle, from the online retailing behemoth that is Amazon. In short, the

Smart speakers are here to stay – which will win?

March 5, 2018

A new U.S. survey by Loupventures has found that 89% of smart speaker users are satisfied with them.

Amazon helps sate Aussie tech appetite

December 14, 2017

Love or hate Amazon (Gerry Harvey is in the latter camp) it is down under with a massive 24, 000 square metre fulfilment warehouse in

Samsung’s affordable Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (first look)

November 27, 2017

Samsung Electronics Australia has announced the second-generation Galaxy Tab A 8.0. It builds on the Galaxy design legacy, featuring a refined look and feel with

Dick Smith to go as electronic retailer shuts shop

February 25, 2016

Local places to buy electronics have just reduced in number, as Dick Smith confirms that it is closing down, putting roughly 3000 staff out of work.

GadgetGuy 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Last minute ideas

December 23, 2015

You waited too long and you know it, and now you’ll have to brave the crowds and fight the lines. Let’s see if we can help out with some last minute easy to find gift ideas.

Winning: what to buy if you won big in Melbourne Cup

November 3, 2015

At 3pm across Australia, the nation stopped as it watched a few horses run around a track, and quite a few of us had big money riding on that race. If you lost, don’t worry about it and just have a drink, but if you won, here are some ideas that could make you smile.

GadgetGuy’s gift guide for Fathers Day in 2015

August 27, 2015

Fathers Day is right around the corner, and if you’re anything like us and wondering how that snuck up on you, not only are you not the only one, but you also have a list of bits and bobs that’ll make your old man smile.

Data to go: how to get files off your phone in a jiffy

July 22, 2015

Now that so many of us have replaced the camera with a smartphone, our little mobile devices carry so many pictures on them, you have to wonder just how you get them off?

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge reviewed

April 16, 2015

Flat phones are so passé, it seems, with the Galaxy S6 Edge showing us a future of curved smartphone goodness. Is this a taste of the future, or merely a gimmick demanding top dollar?

Acer’s Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition reviewed

March 13, 2015

As far as gaming laptops go, it seems like Alienware and Razer hold the market’s attention, with HP getting in there recently, but Acer is attempting to grab it back, taking one of its Aspire machines and kitting it for games. Does it succeed, or would you be better off sticking with the competition?

SanDisk unplugs and goes wireless for next generation of storage

March 4, 2014

Plugs are so passé it seems, and storage maker SanDisk is going to prove just why, with a new range of products that keep the plug, but encourage a more plug-free way of connecting.

Trend tries its hand at tablet, mobile security

March 3, 2014

Internet security is one of those things we all have to keep on top of, and now that we all have mobiles, we need security on these, too. Trend Micro wants to be there, and even has a new app to help make it happen.

Review: LG G Pad 8.3

December 6, 2013

LG hasn't spent much time in the tablet area, but that looks set to change, as the company takes what it learned from the G2 smartphone and applies it to an 8.3 inch tablet that you can take anywhere you go.

Microsoft’s Surface 2 tablet reviewed

November 27, 2013

Microsoft hasn't exactly had a big foothold in the tablet market, not like Apple, but the company is trying, and this year it hopes its Surface 2 tablet has the goods to impress. Designed to look and feel different from any other tablet out there, it certainly stands out, but is it any good?