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Mixtapes return: thinner, lighter, and now with NFC

Before the days of email and MP3s, people used to record little mix tapes for friends, but when the cassette disappeared, so did this gesture of sharing music. Now, Australians have brought it back in a thinner and lighter format.

1:35 pm 14/02/2013 By Leigh D. Stark

Kobo hits retail with the Goldilocks range of devices: small, glowing, and tablet

Announced earlier in the year, Kobo’s range of Kindle competing products has hit retail, not only offering the eBook space some new gadgets, but also giving Google’s Nexus 7 some friendly competition.

3:28 pm 18/12/2012 By Staff writers

Which iPad should I buy?

With the launch of the iPad Mini and the release of a revised iPad, Apple has three – count ‘em – different tablet models out there, discounting the mobile and storage variants, and not including devices in its iPhone or iPod Touch range. So how do you choose which iPad is right for you, if you even want one?

2:49 pm 02/11/2012 By Leigh D. Stark

Minimise and accessorise: iPad Mini gears up for skins and cases galore

It wouldn’t be an Apple mobile device launch without an abundance of skins, cases, and bags, with the iPad Mini ready to be accessorised when it becomes available in early November.

1:44 pm 24/10/2012 By Peter Blasina

Kobo makes its Nexus competitor more competitive

How much would you spend on a 7 inch tablet? $500? $300? How about $250? That’s the number eBook company Kobo is eyeing off, with a price drop on its tablet-based eReader heading our way in November.

2:08 pm 19/09/2012 By Staff writers

Amazon introduces four Kindles, but only one will come to Australia

Kobo unveiled its hand earlier this week, and now its biggest competitor, Amazon, is doing the same, updating the Kindle range with several new Kindle units, though only one will come to Australia for the moment.

10:51 am 07/09/2012 By Leigh D. Stark

Kobo pre-empts Kindle with three new readers

One of the biggest competitors to Amazon’s Kindle electronic book reader has just pulled the covers from three new products, heading to Australian stores shortly and offering anyone with at least a hundred bucks an eBook reader in a nifty paperback size.

5:29 pm 06/09/2012 By Leigh D. Stark

Decidedly Dad: top choices for Fathers Day

Dads are a very special group of people, and on Fathers Day, we try to give them our best. Whether your pa is the type of guy who loves gadgets, BBQ, sport or spending time in the kitchen, we’re sure you’ll find something for him in this guide.

12:49 pm 21/08/2012 By Leigh D. Stark

Google Nexus 7 to land in retail for $319

Google’s own tablet may not have the the physical size to directly take on its Apple iPad nemesis, but it will definitely be more than just an online purchase, with Australian retailers grabbing the tablet too.

10:48 am 03/07/2012 By Leigh D. Stark

Google takes the tablet: from $249 for a 7 inch Droid

Search engine giant Google may have made the operating system to take the tablet fight to Apple, but it’s never had its own tablet in the game, that is until now.

9:57 am 28/06/2012 By Leigh D. Stark

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