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Batteries found to be the cause of Samsung Note 7’s catching fire

1 month ago

Battery manufacturing processes have been found to be the root cause of some Galaxy Note 7 smartphones catching fire.

Samsung’s new 4K TV looks pretty as a picture

2 months ago

Samsung's new 4K TV is built to masquerade as a picture frame for the times when you want your TV to disappear.

Samsung unveils its new QLED TV range

2 months ago

Samsung launches its new premium range QLED TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Are they Samsung's best TVs yet?

Samsung Galaxy Note7 – the final nail to be hammered on 15 December

3 months ago

First the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was well reviewed and well received … until units starting catching fire here and there. After a short while it

Samsung starting to cripple Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones

4 months ago

How do you make someone return a product that you’ve recalled? You cripple it. Samsung has started on that process with the now recalled Samsung

Review: Samsung UA88KS9800W SUHD TV

5 months ago

Do you think I should forgive Samsung? For some reason, it refused to ship its 88 inch behemoth of an SUHD TV, the Samsung UA88KS9800W,

Review: Samsung HW-K950 soundbar

5 months ago

Last week Samsung put me up overnight in a very fancy hotel room with a very fancy (and very big!) TV, and a very fancy

Samsung Galaxy Note7 – RIP – Updated

5 months ago

It is being reported that in the wake of fire and meltdown problems in the replacement Samsung Galaxy Note7 phones that the company was swapping

Samsung partners with Woolies so you can order food from your Family Hub refrigerator

5 months ago

The new Woolies app lets you order food directly to your Samsung Family Hub refrigerator.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 replacements arrive, it pushes switchover hard

5 months ago

Samsung says that as of yesterday it has received stocks of replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. And adds that if yours hasn’t been replaced,

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