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LG on-track for flat 4K OLED TVs

So you think OLED might be the future of TVs, but you’re not down for that whole curved thing? No worries, because at a preview of what LG plans to show at IFA, the company has shown it’ll support both kind of television.

1:07 pm 27/08/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Twitter reinvents TV for teens with Amplify

With more of us turning to our phones and tablets than ever, less of us are sitting down to watch the good old TV, at least when it comes to updates for, the world, so Twitter may have a way of dealing with this, at least for teens.

10:45 am 07/08/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Win a 4K TV courtesy of TCL!

The next “Mission: Impossible” movie is out — “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation” — and that means more spy-like thrills and spills, which is fantastic …

9:48 am 31/07/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Telstra gets back into TV with a pint-sized box

The T-Box might not be the only TV inspired gadget Telstra has, as the company announces a partnership with Roku to build a tiny hub for Aussies to stream television through.

3:03 pm 29/07/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Quite the bargain: TCL’s 55 inch curved 4K TV reviewed

At $2,199 for an ultra high definition, curved, 55 inch TV, there’s value for money in what TCL brings to the table.

2:26 pm 23/07/2015 By Thomas Bartlett

Simply the best: LG’s 4K OLED TV reviewed

Can LG’s 55 inch 4K OLED TV be called the summit of the TV making craft? It just might, it just might.

5:08 pm 15/07/2015 By Thomas Bartlett

Thinpressive: Sony’s 4K ultra-thin TV might just blow your mind

A TV that is thinner than pretty much every smartphone available in Australia? Sign us up, because it’s time to check out Sony’s 4.9mm thick X9000.

4:19 pm 10/07/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Sony finally shows off its big gun flagship TV for 2015

It’s the middle of the year, and by now the TV manufacturers should have their wares in stores for you to buy, and for us to review. Sony appears to be last, though, but is finally showing off one impressive little TV.

3:21 pm 09/07/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

IKEA plans your future home, the kitchen is the new TV room

The TV room is changing, as is the kitchen and where we sleep, and these are things furniture maker IKEA has picked up on as it works to visualise how the future of our home spaces looks in the next ten years.

2:46 pm 30/06/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Review: LG 65 inch Prime 4K UHD TV

It’s not enough to have a big screen, and this year LG’s 4K TVs are about more colours, fast operation, and sharp visuals. Does it succeed?

5:23 pm 18/06/2015 By Thomas Bartlett

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