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ABC TV goes HD … at last!

5 days ago

Today, 6 December, ABC TV has finally introduced a useful HD channel. From now on the regular Channel 2 will be simulcast in HD on

Skype (and other things) departs smart TVs

3 weeks ago

My main TV in the office is a 2014 model LG Smart TV running webOS. There was always a little oddity about it that had

Freeview FV – now your TV goes wherever you go

1 month ago

As we mentioned last month, the body representing Australian Free to Air TV stations is releasing – has now released – an app called Freeview

Speaking of Apple – Apple TV, MacBook Air and Final Cut Pro X

1 month ago

The entire world is aflutter over the new Apple MacBook Pro models, but there are three other bits of news out of Apple’s announcements worth

Review: Samsung UA88KS9800W SUHD TV

2 months ago

Do you think I should forgive Samsung? For some reason, it refused to ship its 88 inch behemoth of an SUHD TV, the Samsung UA88KS9800W,

Freeview FV app to stream free to air TV to mobile devices

2 months ago

Freeview is the body representing free to air TV stations, and also the enhanced TV system used on many stations in Australia. If you have

Review: LG 65UH950T UHD TV

4 months ago

One of the hottest things in TV panel technology at the moment is OLED. LG’s OLED TVs sit at the premium end of the market, and

Review: LG 65 inch EF950T OLED TV

8 months ago

OLED TVs are finally straightening out, and now that flat is back, it's time to see if these tellies are worth your cash.

VR Friday: StreetView VR

8 months ago

When you think about it, Google's "StreetView" technology seems like the perfect place to showcase virtual reality, and so someone has taken it upon themselves to make it happen and give Gear VR owners that opportunity because Google hasn't yet made it.

LG’s latest crop of TVs is bright, thin, and about HDR in 2016

9 months ago

4K Ultra HD technology isn’t new, but it hasn’t done much to win over new customers outside of the promise of “greater resolution”. Fortunately, a change is coming, with LG and Dolby at the forefront.

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