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HTC’s desires a world where big phones are mid-range

10 months ago

You might want a big phone, but you also probably want one that won’t cost an arm and a leg. HTC wants to be there too, and in the latest Desire, is aiming right for that.

Kogan builds a “flagship” phone for budget buyers

10 months ago

It’s harder than every to choose a phone, and if you’re over what the big guys offer and are curious to see what an Aussie thinks the “flagship” should be, Kogan has something for you to see.

Boost delivers a smaller Galaxy for prepaid folk

10 months ago

It’s rare enough to find a button-based phone these days, but if someone still hasn’t made the shift to a touchscreen phone, Boost’s latest addition

Kogan switches on to 4G early(ish)

10 months ago

If you’re a Kogan mobile customer with a 4G phone, it’s very possible you woke up to a bit of a surprise this week. Congratulations, you’ve joined the modern era.

Huawei’s 6 inch Mate 8 could be your best pal

10 months ago

The tablet-sized smartphone known as the “phablet” may not have won everyone over, but if you like big screens, you’re there for life, and Huawei’s Mate 8 could just get you to update.

Aldi, Kogan make the move to high-speed with 4G

10 months ago

With 4G now across all of the major telcos, you might be wondering when the smallest mobile providers make the move?

Phones get playful: hands-on with LG’s G5

11 months ago

For so long, phones have been about being sleek, being elegant, or just so well built that a drop wouldn’t knock any confidence a phone may or may not have. But LG’s latest is more about playing, and that’s good news for consumers keen for something new.

Alcatel builds a 4G water-resistant phone for under $300

11 months ago

One of the key features for 2016 phones is coming to a mobile under $300, as Alcatel unveils a budget device ready to take on the water.

HTC’s 10 is here: metal with UltraPixels, 24-bit sound

11 months ago

It can be hard to discern the difference between flagship phones these days, but HTC is hoping to sweeten the deal with a focus on design, sound, and camera quality to make its 2016 phone the best of the bunch.

Huawei, Leica collaboration yields dual-camera P9, P9 Plus

12 months ago

Mobile World Congress revealed a partnership between two big companies, and now we’re about to see what the two can do when they work together, as Huawei and Leica reveal what’s coming.

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