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Optus, Telstra talk 1Gbps speeds coming this year

11 months ago

Australia’s wired National Broadband Network may promise high internet speeds, but trials from two of our biggest telcos suggest wireless may deliver super high speeds before the cable has finished rolling out.

HP returns to phones with a Windows mobile-PC hybrid

11 months ago

Mobile World Congress is revealing quite a few concepts, from modularity to water-resistance, but HP’s push to make business have better continuity is not what we expected from the PC maker.

LG launches the G5 as a modular 4G smartphone

11 months ago

Curious how smartphones can evolve past the touchscreen communications devices that they already are? So is LG, and rather than just build another of the same thing, it’s trying something different.

Alcatel announces new Idol handset, we go hands-on

11 months ago

It’s not just Oppo and Huawei that are playing a smart game with smartphones, because Alcatel’s latest announcement is a little more than another iClone.

Telstra’s free data Sunday shows how data hungry we are

11 months ago

When Telstra’s mobile access went down last week, there were lots of angry people, but Telstra’s apology of a day of free data might have

Speed Demon: which phones deliver the fastest 4G?

11 months ago

If you spend a lot of time on the internet when you’re out and about, chances are you’re using your mobile as a hotspot. But how do you get the fastest speeds? You use a faster modem.

Oppo takes on budget buyers with a $299 metal phone

12 months ago

Just because you don’t want to spend almost a grand on a phone doesn’t mean you can’t get the goods, and Oppo is keen to show it, announcing a budget smartphone that will bring premium looks to a value phone.

Oppo’s R7s targets big iPhone buyers with mid-range prices

1 year ago

As smartphones start to climb in price, the middle ground is beginning to look more and more attractive, because why should you have to pay a grand for a new phone?

Alcatel to start the year with fresh phones, tablets

1 year ago

The first new products of the year are being shown in Las Vegas, and while the CES show doesn’t officially start for another day or two, Alcatel has let loose with a few new products ahead of time.

Oppo puts the phablet on a diet with the R7s

1 year ago

If you like a big phone but you prefer it both slim and large, a mid-range model might be what the wallet prefers.