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Panasonic outs the GX85 4K mirrorless with USB charging

12 months ago

Content for UHD TVs may be hard to find, but the cameras sure aren’t, with Panasonic announcing a new model that not only comes with 4K support, but also 5-axis stabilisation and an easy way to charge that camera.

Apple’s iPhone SE announced: it’s a 6S inside of a 5

1 year ago

Apple hasn’t paid much attention to the smaller phone sizes of late, forcing iPhone owners to move to a bigger 4.7 or 5.5 inch device, but the older 4 inch iPhone has now been made new again.

Panasonic readies two compacts with 4K capture

1 year ago

Ultra HD TVs have certainly been around long enough and cameras have been able to capture stills for them, but video, that’s something only big cameras have supported. This year, the small ones will get it, too.

Nikon announces D5, D500, both with 4K video

1 year ago

The mirrorless cameras have been waving 4K video for so long that many of us wondered when DSLRs would join the party. Fortunately, they’re about to, as Nikon delivers UHD video in two digital SLRs.

Nikon enters action cameras with 4K, 360

1 year ago

You can probably expect that 4K video is a big deal in cameras, and now that we're about to have more virtual reality in our life, 360 video is important, too. But together? Nikon is there at CES.

Olympus gives its entry-level OM-D more to work with

2 years ago

If you’re an enthusiast photographer, you know all too well the importance of a camera with lenses, but even this club can be a little pricey to join, and that’s where Olympus hopes to make a dent.

Panasonic rolls 4K to another mirrorless, this time with weather-proofing

2 years ago

Keen to get some 4K video captured for that new 4K TV, but you just know you’re going to get caught in a rain storm? Panasonic has a camera just for that.

Go Pro gets some friendly competition from ShotBox

2 years ago

Go Pro may lead the action camera market, but somewhere between Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Contour, Garmin, Kaiser Baas, and Kogan, it has a few friendly rivals to play again. And now it has one more.

Sony’s soups up compacts for slow-motion, readies 4K capture

2 years ago

Ultra HD movies aren’t set to arrive on 4K ready Blu-ray until next year, but you can always be your own Ridley Scott and make your own, and Sony hopes to help with two compacts that’ll make that a possibility, with both featuring support for slow...motion... video.

Panasonic’s next mirror-less is all 4K, under $1000

2 years ago

How do you deal with a lack of Ultra HD content for 4K TVs? You get people to make their own, which is exactly what Panasonic is doing with its latest mirror-less shooter, providing not just 4K video, but 4K image shooting.

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