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Sony’s 2016 TVs are all about the dynamic range

2 years ago

It’s not just enough to support the higher definition content coming from 4K Blu-rays, you have to have a higher range of colours, too, which is precisely what Sony intends to offer this year.

Samsung’s 2016 TVs: better looking and more connected

2 years ago

New TVs are on the way, delivering now just more true to life picture quality, but also the ability to control your home.

Nikon enters action cameras with 4K, 360

2 years ago

You can probably expect that 4K video is a big deal in cameras, and now that we're about to have more virtual reality in our life, 360 video is important, too. But together? Nikon is there at CES.

Sony’s 4K Xperia Z5 Premium arrives in stores

2 years ago

Fancy keeping one of the best screens in the world with you at all times? You now can, as Sony’s phablet arrives in Australia.

Sony’s Xperia Z5 range arrives in Australia

2 years ago

Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus might win the attention of Apple fanboys, but over in the Android world, eyes are on Sony because it has three models on the way to grab lovers of Google’s mobiles.

What’s going on with Apple TV and the 4K iPhone 6s?

2 years ago

There’s a new Apple TV on the way, and a new iPhone that supports 4K, so will the Apple TV play nicely between these two? Shake the Magic 8 Ball and find out, because the answer may surprise you.

LG on-track for flat 4K OLED TVs

2 years ago

So you think OLED might be the future of TVs, but you’re not down for that whole curved thing? No worries, because at a preview of what LG plans to show at IFA, the company has shown it’ll support both kind of television.

WD announces 4K hard drive with no plans for Australia

3 years ago

There are quite a few Ultra HD TVs out there, but when it comes to content, there isn’t much to go around. WD has something that might help, but the bad is it ain’t coming here.