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Telstra’s top tech trends in 2018

1 month ago

Telstra has revealed its top tech trend predictions for 2018 – not surprisingly they are all possible due to the internet.

Epson uses AR for drone flight simulation

2 months ago

Epson is coming up with exciting new applications for its Moverio BT-300 Augmented Reality eyewear. As we mentioned in our review several months ago, amongst

Things to look forward to in 2017

1 year ago

We’re not so sure that 2016 represented a stellar year in gadgetry. Sure, there were all round improvements in all kinds of areas, but they

Pokemon GO gaming craze can be dangerous

2 years ago

In case you haven’t heard about Pokémon GO, which is all the rage at the moment, it’s so popular that some people are actually getting

Epson shows off augmented reality with OLED glasses

2 years ago

Google’s Glasses may not have been the success the search giant had hoped for, but the next generation of augmented reality tech may come from a company more known for printers.

View-Master returns, now digital and augmented

2 years ago

If you’re Generation Y or older, there’s a good chance you’ve used a View-Master in your childhood. Now, the old school toy returns with a new school angle.

Xbox talks up big games and backwards compatibility at E3

3 years ago

Most of the time, we’re talking gadgets, but this week our eyes are fixed on screens, watching trailers and demos that showcase why late 2015 and early 2016 will rock for games on Xbox One.

Microsoft shows off Windows 10, HoloLens with augmented reality computing

3 years ago

The next version of Windows is almost here, with Microsoft revealing more about Windows 10, an OS that skips a number and unites a bunch of devices under one operating system.

Sony Mobile eyes voice and augmented reality for fitness in 2015

3 years ago

The gadgets we rely on day in and day out for phone calls, picture taking, and social networking are about to get a whole lot more useful in 2015 if you’re a fitness fanatic, as Sony shows off what it’s doing to make technology a little more interesting.

Epson fills the gap with Moverio Smart Glasses while Google takes its time

3 years ago

Australia isn’t a place where Google has publicly released its snazzy wearable computer called Google Glass, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have something like it right now, as Epson’s alternative makes its way to heads in our own backyard.

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