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Tivoli Audio comes to Australia

6 months ago

To be fair, Tivoli Audio’s products have been here for many years. But until now there has been a third party importer. With the company

The ultra slow rollout of DAB+ continues

9 months ago

I must be feeling sour this morning because I’m not celebrating as I ought to be in view of the good news. At last my

Digital Radio to spread more widely in Australia, finally!

1 year ago

At last! After years of the benefits of digital radio being confined to the five mainland state capital cities, some other areas of Australia are

Commercial Radio Australia urges DAB+ adoption

1 year ago

Commercial Radio Australia is launching a marketing campaign to encourage Australians to go digital with their radio listening. The newish system is called DAB+ and

Fine stereo with the Rotel Series 14 line-up

1 year ago

Melbourne distributor of high quality home entertainment equipment, Interdyn, has announced the launch of the new Rotel Series 14, what it calls “traditional” hi-fi products.

LG brings DAB+ to a new phone

2 years ago

If you’re a fan of radio and prefer it to that whole online radio thing, you’ll love the sound of a new smartphone LG has built.

Bush gets retro with old fashioned digital radios

2 years ago

It’s hard for a “digital” radio to even get called “retro”, but that’s exactly what Bush has accomplished, with two modern radios that looks like a piece out of yesteryear with functionality from today.

Panasonic has a second go with multi-room, streams CD and radio

3 years ago

The first time we saw Panasonic give multi-room audio a thwack, we saw something a little “me too”, with speakers for your home. This year, though, Panasonic appears to have some ideas of its own.

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