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Samsung launches the Galaxy S8 and S8+

7 months ago

Samsung has officially launched its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S8 and S8+ at its Unpacked 2017 event in New York.

Samsung Galaxy Note7 replacements arrive, it pushes switchover hard

1 year ago

Samsung says that as of yesterday it has received stocks of replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones. And adds that if yours hasn’t been replaced,

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note7 smartphone launches with iris scanner

1 year ago

Samsung has taken the wraps off its latest mobile, the Galaxy Note7 today at the Unpacked 2016 event in New York. In keeping with the

Cards come to more phones as Samsung Pay launches locally

1 year ago

Apple Pay isn't the only game in town anymore, because owners of a recent Samsung Galaxy phone can now tap to pay with a technology that should work everywhere.

Boost delivers a smaller Galaxy for prepaid folk

1 year ago

It’s rare enough to find a button-based phone these days, but if someone still hasn’t made the shift to a touchscreen phone, Boost’s latest addition

What a difference a case makes, and why some phones need them

1 year ago

One question GadgetGuy gets asked on a fairly regular basis is “do I need a case for my phone”, and while the answer is typically a big fat yes, it’s not necessarily that easy.

Samsung’s next tablet is a super-thin Windows PC

2 years ago

Samsung is returning to computers by embracing its love for tablets, and it’s good news if you fancy a computer that’s as thin and light as a Samsung smartphone.

Samsung’s S7, S7 Edge priced at every major telco

2 years ago

Did the news of Samsung’s latest phone get you all keen for a new phone? You don’t have to wait long, and the plans are in from Aussie telcos to help you make a decision.

Case makers line up for Samsung’s S7, S7 Edge

2 years ago

Now that there’s a new Samsung phone on the way, and not far off actually, case manufacturers are making sure they have stuff to protect the new phone. In less than 24 hours, quite a few have stepped forward.

New Samsung Gear 360 camera announced

2 years ago

Samsung has launched a new Gear 360 camera accessory at the Unpacked event in Barcelona, along with its two new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones.

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