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iPhones go (PRODUCT)RED for Charity

1 month ago

Apple has released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as Special Edition models with red aluminium cases to celebrate its ten years of working

How does Australia stack up on the cost of an iPhone?

4 months ago

Linio, a Latin American eCommerce platform trading as Rocket Internet Venture, has announced the 2017 Technology Price Index. This shows the comparative prices for fourteen

Xmas Guide: Gifts for Her

5 months ago

You’ve come to just the right place! You’re stuck, aren’t you? It has finally occurred to you that Xmas is looming and you have no

Avoiding grief with the Cloud

5 months ago

I mentioned in the previous article (on transferring from Android to iOS) that somehow the iPhone 7 started filling up with photos which I’d thought

Transitioning from Android to iOS the (relatively) easy way

5 months ago

It’s a scary thing, moving from Android to iOS, or from iOS to Android. Fortunately, in their competitive zeal to gain a bigger share of

Does the iPhone 7 really have a lousy battery life?

7 months ago

As a long-time Android user in a family full of iPhone users, I am troubled by iPhone envy in only two ways. The first is

Oppo Digital releases high end DAC for iPhone 7

7 months ago

Huh, what’s this? Oppo is releasing accessories for the iPhone? Oppo, which makes its own Android phones? Isn’t that a bit strange? Not really. There

Everything is 10 – iOS 10 arrives

8 months ago

What do these things have in common: Windows, Mac, iPhone? They are all now running version 10 of their operating systems (Mac uses a Roman

iPhone 7 problem solved with Belkin Lighning Audio + Charge Rockstar

8 months ago

So what’s the one significant problem that everyone’s noticed with Apple’s new iPhone? Why, it’s listening and charging. If the Lightning port has earphones or

OTG – Android’s opening to the wider world

8 months ago

So, the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are abandoning the headphone socket. What does that mean for Android phones? Could they follow the

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