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The iconic iPod is now dead

July 29, 2017

I am still awaiting formal confirmation from Apple, but it seems that the iPod is dead. (UPDATE: Now confirmed by Apple Australia with the following

The Puzzle of the iPod Nano

December 26, 2016

I had not realized this, but it appears that the Lightning connector on recent Apple products is a point of weakness. Not its fault probably.

Apple updates the iPod Touch with iPhone 6-like power

July 16, 2015

Not everyone needs a phone, and some of us out there just want something to play music, entertainment, games, and a bit of something else. If you don’t need the phone, good news, because Apple has just refreshed the iPod Touch.

Apple refreshes the Touch, Nano; Classic and Shuffle stay the same

September 13, 2012

If you didn't know today was going to be all about Apple, where have you been? With the announcement of the new iPhone, the Cupertino, California company also took the time to refresh its much loved iPod series of media players, updating the phone-less Touch and the weightless Nano, while the Shuffle and Classic mostly just stay the same.

iPhone 5 the hot ticket this week, and we’ll be there

September 10, 2012

The last few weeks may have heralded the arrival of quite a few smartphones, but this week, it's all about Apple, with an impending announcement for its next iPhone.

Apple updates the Nano: $169 for a 16GB wristwatch media player

October 5, 2011

It wasn't just the iPhone which saw an update this week, with Apple adding several new clock faces and a pedometer to its iPod Nano media player.

New 2009 iPods – more stuff, cheaper prices

September 10, 2009

It’s September, so, you know what that means. The crazy iPod scientist at Apple have been in the labs, making things better, making things smaller,

iPod Nano – new, better and cheaper!

September 10, 2008

Apple today introduced the new fourth generation iPod nano, the thinnest iPod ever featuring a sleek new design with a curved aluminum and glass enclosure,