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BenQ releases bargain UltraHD projector with wide DCI-P3 colour

March 9, 2017

One of the weird things about UltraHD picture resolution is that it appeared first in TVs, and even now after several years it has until

Samsung’s new 4K TV looks pretty as a picture

January 6, 2017

Samsung's new 4K TV is built to masquerade as a picture frame for the times when you want your TV to disappear.

Dyson makes light last 37 years with elegant Csys lamp

May 26, 2016

You might love lamp, but if you really love lamp, you’ll be interested to see how Dyson is working to make the lamp better for everyone, especially if you work while everything else remains dark.

Philips builds a larger, thinner wireless psoriasis treatment

October 30, 2015

Medical research is constantly revealing new things, but not everything can be fixed with pills and scans. Skin repair from psoriasis is one such area, and while ointment can help, technology can come to the rescue as well.

Apple’s 3D Touch – how it works

September 22, 2015

Apple’s new 3D touch brings a new dimension to a touchscreen interface. With the addition of pressure sensors that are integrated beneath the screen, 3D

Philips plugs in blue lights for skin repair

October 13, 2014

Blue LEDs may well be one of the more annoying things to look at in gadgets, but Philips has come up with a new use for the technology, finding a way to improve the health of skin for people with psoriasis.

Samsung launches its 2013 TV lineup with 4K, smarts, and plenty of style

April 18, 2013

With a big fanfare, Samsung has launched one of its biggest line-ups yet, covering Smart TVs, not-so-smart TVs, devices that can upgrade last year's TV, and even a TV that features the astonishingly massive 4K Ultra-High Definition screen size.


December 14, 2012

After years of false starts, promising prototypes and plenty of competition, OLED technology is about to blow away the television market. We explain what makes going organic such an enjoyable experience.

Samsung’s web surfing TVs

January 7, 2011

Samsung has advanced the promise of the true  ‘smart’ TV this CES, with models that integrate a browser for PC-like web surfing. Previously, the connected

Full LED meets Full HD

May 14, 2010

Korean electronics giant, LG is looking to sell 3-4 million LED LCD televisions globally this year and, locally, has followed up on the release of

TVs of 2010

March 10, 2010

  2010 will be the year 3D becomes available to the living rooms of Australia, with Panasonic to offer a complete “out of the box