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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – an Epilogue

10 months ago

Can it finally be cured? I’ve had some harsh things to say (see here, here and here) about the reliability of my Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft announces more Surface, plus lots of other stuff

12 months ago

Not to be outdone by Apple’s new MacBook Pros, Microsoft last week announced its aims for the next Windows 10 update, associated software, the gradually

Eight Months with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Part 3, the saga concludes

1 year ago

I’ve held off for a while on this third and final instalment about my time with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 because I showed the

Eight Months with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Part 2, how it has improved

1 year ago

In Part 1 I discussed what a wonderful device the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is, and why I chose it, and why I selected the

Eight Months with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Part 1, the product

1 year ago

We reviewers are imperfect in many ways. We don’t (much as we’d love to believe otherwise) know everything. We may have personal biases, some known

Flagship Fantastic: what is the best phone so far of 2016?

1 year ago

It’s almost the middle of the year, but almost every phone that could have come out this year is out. So if you had to buy one today, which one should you buy?

BBC makes a tiny computer for kids

2 years ago

The British national broadcaster has a surprise for year 7 students in the UK: a computer is heading their way for free to help them learn to be tech powerhouses.

Telstra adds 200GB storage for mobile, broadband customers

2 years ago

If you’re a mobile customer on Telstra or even someone paying Telstra for broadband, you’ve just been given the gift of backup storage. Now you have even less excuse not to backup.

HP returns to phones with a Windows mobile-PC hybrid

2 years ago

Mobile World Congress is revealing quite a few concepts, from modularity to water-resistance, but HP’s push to make business have better continuity is not what we expected from the PC maker.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 phones get a lower priced model

2 years ago

We’re not exactly sure if Microsoft’s Windows 10 phones are drawing huge numbers yet, but the company has just announced a mid-range model in the hopes to bring people over.

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