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Moto Z scores Gamepad and 360 Camera Mods

4 months ago

Motorola has released two new accessories – Mods, they are called, for “Modular” – for its Moto Z range of phones, expanding the range that

Motorola rolls out Moto X4, Moto G5S and Moto G5S Plus

4 months ago

It wasn’t very long ago when we reviewed the Moto G5 Plus, a lowish cost but rather fine phone from Motorola. But now it has

Moto G5 phones arriving in Australia

9 months ago

I know, I know, everyone’s oohing and ahhing over the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. As they should. But what if you’ve only got $399

Motorola’s Moto Z and Moto Z Play and Moto Mods available today

1 year ago

I guess there’ll be people wandering the streets today feeling lost, having reluctantly surrendered their new phones as fire hazards, considering switching companies at least

Flagship Fantastic: what is the best phone so far of 2016?

2 years ago

It’s almost the middle of the year, but almost every phone that could have come out this year is out. So if you had to buy one today, which one should you buy?

GadgetGuy 2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoors

2 years ago

Some people live in their home, and others maintain control of a world outside it. Specifically their backyard and the outdoors. If you know someone like that, here are a few top choices.

What does “waterproof” really mean for gadgets?

2 years ago

Waterproof gadgets are now a thing, as phones and tablets are beginning to be less afraid of getting wet. But what does this mean, and can a waterproof gadget still drown?

Motorola builds a “shatterproof” phone for a less fragile world

2 years ago

Sick of seeing broken phones everywhere you go? Motorola is as well, and has come up with a phone it says has a screen that won’t break when you drop it.

Motorola’s 360 returns with better battery smartwatches

2 years ago

In case the last two years weren’t an indication, the next big gadget the world wants you to buy isn’t a phone, but rather a smartwatch, and the creator of the first circular smartwatch has a few more it’ll be showing off this year.

Hands-on with Motorola’s Style, Play, G for 2015

2 years ago

With the amount of phone news this week, you’d be excused for thinking this week is mobile madness, and Motorola is adding to it, letting GadgetGuy go hands on with three upcoming models.

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