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Nokia is back – celebrates 1st birthday

2 weeks ago

Iconic phone maker Nokia has risen from the Microsoft ashes under a new owner – HMD Global and it has just celebrated its first birthday.

Alcatel asks: How much would you pay for a dumb phone?

2 months ago

Indeed, how much would you pay? I was as taken as anyone by Nokia resurrecting the 3310, and I even carried on a little about

Nokia 3310 3G arrives in Australia

3 months ago

There was a big splash earlier this year when Nokia announced the launch of the Nokia 3310. Truly retro, it was a call back to

GadgetGuy’s best phones of 2015 (so far)

2 years ago

A question we’re asked more regularly than anything else is “what phone should I buy”? Seeing as it’s July, the half-way mark for the year, we should probably answer that.

Why one day of phone life is normal, and what to do about it

3 years ago

If there’s one constant we’re seeing from smartphone reviews this year, it’s that you should only expect one day of battery life. Why is this, and what can you do about it?

Microsoft’s big mid-rangers arrive for under $400

3 years ago

Large screen phones can come with equally large price tags, but two on the way from Microsoft, formerly Nokia, are making sizeable purchases more available to those not big on spending, well, big.

Microsoft’s next two phones are big, mid-range, and ready for Windows 10

3 years ago

Nokia’s name may be gone from the Lumia mobiles, but its style is sticking around, and so is the focus on mid-range mobiles, with two more on the way from the big M — Microsoft, that is.

Nokia— sorry, Microsoft releases new phones for new year budgets

3 years ago

Remember when Microsoft decided to retire the Nokia brand? It’s finally done and dusted, and the first two phones to sport the “Microsoft” name have landed, and they’re budget models, too.

Microsoft rolls out latest Lumia release to Windows Phones

3 years ago

When there’s an Android release, we talk about it, and when Apple releases a new version of its iOS platform, we talk about that, too, so it only seems fair to mention that Microsoft’s Windows Phone is getting an update shortly, also.

Microsoft in with another budget-friendly phone

3 years ago

There are cheap phones, and then there are cheap phones, with an emphasis on that last cheap. Microsoft Devices (formerly Nokia) might have something for that category, and while it isn’t quite ready for Australia, we’ve heard rumblings it might be on its way.

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