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LG TVs get thinner and more pure in colour

1 month ago

Today Korean giant LG Electronics showed off a range of premium sound and picture products which will be appearing in coming weeks. The highlight was

CES 2017 – Sony’s Innovation promise

4 months ago

Sony hit the stage today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with a very surprising addition to its TV line up, along with

New Apple iPhone 7 to launch on Sept 7th?

8 months ago

Apple's iPhone 7 is due to be launched officially on Sept 7th along with a new Apple Watch and possibly a MacBook Pro.

LG’s latest crop of TVs is bright, thin, and about HDR in 2016

1 year ago

4K Ultra HD technology isn’t new, but it hasn’t done much to win over new customers outside of the promise of “greater resolution”. Fortunately, a change is coming, with LG and Dolby at the forefront.

Epson shows off augmented reality with OLED glasses

1 year ago

Google’s Glasses may not have been the success the search giant had hoped for, but the next generation of augmented reality tech may come from a company more known for printers.

LG straightens the curve with flat 4K OLED TVs

1 year ago

Ever since it first arrived, OLED TVs have been impressing pretty much anyone lucky enough to sit in front of one, but they’ve always been curved. What if you prefer a flat TV?

LG on-track for flat 4K OLED TVs

2 years ago

So you think OLED might be the future of TVs, but you’re not down for that whole curved thing? No worries, because at a preview of what LG plans to show at IFA, the company has shown it’ll support both kind of television.

LG redefines colour with 4K OLED coming in two sizes

2 years ago

LG is one of the only companies selling OLED TVs, televisions with panels that are semi-organic in nature and produce real blacks and vibrant colours, and from this week, they’re even 4K ready.

LG launches 4K Ultra HD OLED in Australia, one of only ten countries

3 years ago

As far as picture quality goes, there’s very little that competes with the organic light emitting diode. It’s not cheap, but this organic display component provides some of the strongest colours you’re likely to find on any TV, and now, you can find in a 4K TV.

LGs 2014 TVs launch with an emphasis on simplicity

3 years ago

Samsung may have shown its TV range for the year last week, but LG is ready this week with its line-up, showcasing a range of Full HD and 4K Ultra HD tellies, as well as a new webOS interface that aims to make things simple.

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