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Epson launches new Expression printers

3 months ago

I do go on (and on) about the new “Ecotank” Epson printers, but they do represent a big up-front cost. Don’t worry, Epson hasn’t abandoned

Epson’s “Game Changer” photo printers now available

4 months ago

We mentioned last week Epson’s new range of EcoTank economical printers. Most are business orientated, but two are for photo enthusiasts. And that’s where their

Epson releases new EcoTank printers

4 months ago

What does “Eco” mean? Often it’s short for “eco-friendly”. But sometimes it’s more about economy. I’m sure Epson is as ecologically aware as any other

Document feeding with Canon Pixma Endurance G4600 printer

1 year ago

A month ago I wrote a quite glowing review of the Canon Pixma G3600 inject printer (and scanner and copier).  My focus was on its

Print returns as students struggle with staying online

2 years ago

Is being permanently hooked to the world wide web hurting the way students study? According to a new research, it may well be, as Canon chimes in to say studying from paper may be better for your children’s health than using a connected device.

Epson packs in two years of ink into new printers

2 years ago

You might not want to admit it, but the printer isn’t dead yet, and chances are when you do want to print, you’re either out of ink or just about to. But with a new range from Epson, that’s very unlikely to happen.

HP crafts a printer that lets you print when an ink is out

3 years ago

It seems like such a simple requirement, and such a simple suggestion, but a new printer from HP doesn’t just aim to be relatively inexpensive, it also aims to keep costs down by doing something we’ve all wanted a printer to do for ages.

Samsung kills the basic LCD on printers, replaces it with Android

3 years ago

Those of you who still use printers for small business and larger are probably used to that one line of monochrome text popping up on the screen, alerting you of a printer jam, but Samsung is going to provide more information this year with an Android tablet.

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