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See the future of technology in your home

7 months ago

Want to see what sort of technology you can expect in your home to make your life easier? Check out the interactive diagram below from RC Components.

Ten products from CES to desire

9 months ago

Well, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has come and gone, and as usual there were acres of displays showing the kinds of things

Samsung partners with Woolies so you can order food from your Family Hub refrigerator

12 months ago

The new Woolies app lets you order food directly to your Samsung Family Hub refrigerator.

French-door NR-CY54AGSAU leads Pana’s new fridge range

1 year ago

Five new models spread across three sizes and three finishes, and with prices ranging from $1399 to $2599: that’s Panasonic’s new range of refrigerators. The