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SD Cards – a Primer

2 months ago

SD cards are confusing. We all have SD cards in our digital cameras but what kind do we need? There are different suffixes and different

Lexar boosts camera speeds with a 2000x SD card

1 year ago

Owners of new cameras get access to lots of high resolution formats, but if you don’t have a high speed card, you won’t be capturing much of anything. Fortunately, a new high speed card just rocked up.

Memory failure: what to do if a memory card breaks

2 years ago

We get lots of questions from readers, but one that never gets quite the right answer is what to do about memory cards that are on the way out. So what do you do if an SD card is failing, and what happens if you accidentally break one?

SanDisk goes bigger, faster for new SD and microSD cards

3 years ago

SanDisk has chimed in this week to offer more storage and more speed for said storage if you need it, and since we're all taking lots of photos, there's a good chance you do.

A good reason to buy great memory

5 years ago

We've all bought the lesser brand before, saving money on various items like cheap CDs and DVDs, or inexpensive headphones, no frills lollies, and the home brand milk. But one area you shouldn't cut down on costs is memory for your digital camera.

Hands-on with the Eye-Fi WiFi SD card

5 years ago

You're on vacation and you've just taken some great photos on your digital SLR. If only you could some how get your camera to talk to your mobile and share the pictures with your friends. Well, thanks to a new SD card from Eye-Fi, that's now a reality.