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Twitter hacks highlight the importance of strong passwords

2 years ago

We’re reminded of why good passwords are needed on a fairly regular basis, and after a spate of attacks on Twitter accounts, you may want to check your social networking accounts for security, too.

Apple kills QuickTime for Windows as Trend spots holes

2 years ago

We’re never going to be able to plug up every hole in every bit of software, but Apple’s solution to a new set of flaws Trend Micro has discovered is pretty simple: withdraw the app altogether.

New “British” scam picked up by the government, how not to get caught

2 years ago

There may well be a sucker born every minute, but you don’t actually have to be that person, with the government and an internet security group chiming in to talk about a new scam and what you can do to avoid it.

How to be safe with your smartphone

3 years ago

Security issues, vulnerabilities, and scams, sheesh, owning a smartphone seems harder than it should be, so if you're at all concerned about how you can be safe with a smartphone, here are some tips.

Norton picks up a scam that fools even secure logins

3 years ago

You might have thought two-factor authentication was the way to keep your online identity and logins to websites and services safe, but Symantec -- the makers of Norton -- has picked up on a scam that can fool this, too.

It’s National Consumer Fraud Week, here’s how not to be caught out

3 years ago

Security is one of those things we all have to be conscious of, and this week, doubly so, as Norton sends word of it being National Consumer Fraud Week. Are you aware of the cons being played online with you?

Celebrate Privacy Awareness Week by being aware of your password security

3 years ago

It’s the end of the week, and while many of us are ready to kick off the shoes and let the weekend begin, we feel like it’s worth checking out some password tips to end Privacy Awareness Week, which has been running all week, but has probably been ignored by most people.

Worst passwords for 2014 revealed: yes, 123456 is one of them

3 years ago

When it comes to passwords, some people just don’t understand that they should be something that takes a little bit of effort to guess, and isn’t just the first six or eight numbers you can prattle off. And yet, the worst passwords of the year indicate some people still haven’t learned.

Dropbox scam making the rounds, here’s how to work out what’s fake

3 years ago

Every so often, a scam or a virus makes its way into the GadgetGuy inbox, and we get to see what other people get to see in order to help you understand it. Today, it’s one of those days, so if you see a Dropbox scam, here’s what not to do.

Wireless security needs to be better as Sophos reveals all while warbiking

4 years ago

How dangerous is it to use the WiFi at a local cafe? You could just have your information harvested and used against you if there’s no internet security, says Sophos, which travelled across Sydney looking for open wireless connections and found quite a few.

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