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CES 2017 – Sony’s Innovation promise

January 5, 2017

Sony hit the stage today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with a very surprising addition to its TV line up, along with

Sony focuses on cameras, lenses, accuracy

March 23, 2016

Sony might not have its mojo in computers anymore, but in cameras, it’s full steam ahead with developments that are all about imaging excellence.

Sony’s mid-range phones become all about the X-factor

February 23, 2016

Sony has seen some success with its “Z” smartphones, but this year, it will be adding a new range, bringing two day battery life and Alpha-grade camera tech to phones with an “X” in the name.

Sony shrinks a mirror-less to make one of the world’s smallest interchangeable lens cameras

August 18, 2014

A new entry in the Sony Alpha series of cameras, the a5100 looks to pack some serious technology for both the beginner and enthusiast into a small body, and even the photographer keen to bring something small with them.

Sony cuts the cost of enthusiast cameras with new E-mount A series

August 28, 2013

Ever since Sony took over Konica Minolta, we've seen some solid work from the brand in the field of digital cameras, and while the sensors are already impressive, now its Sony's turn to make the prices more competitive with a $499 model.

Sony officially introduces interchangeable lenses to a Handycam

July 14, 2010

Just when you were getting your head around the mirror-less interchangeable lens compact digital cameras, Sony brings out the first consumer video camera with lens