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CES 2017 – Sony’s Innovation promise

4 months ago

Sony hit the stage today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with a very surprising addition to its TV line up, along with

Lots of great new gadgets at IFA Berlin 2016

8 months ago

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin has been running since 1924, apart from an unfortunate interruption in the 1940s. Since 2005 it has been an annual event.

Flagship Fantastic: what is the best phone so far of 2016?

12 months ago

It’s almost the middle of the year, but almost every phone that could have come out this year is out. So if you had to buy one today, which one should you buy?

Sony’s latest Cyber-shot camera goes long, 4K

1 year ago

Forget about missing a shot because the subject is too far, because the latest Sony camera is all about a super long lens.

Sony pumps up the volume with speakers made for EDM

1 year ago

Know anyone who likes electronic, dance, dubstep or trance? If you do or your kids just keep you up with a bit of the “doof doof”, a new audio range is out and ready for your bassy needs.

Sony focuses on cameras, lenses, accuracy

1 year ago

Sony might not have its mojo in computers anymore, but in cameras, it’s full steam ahead with developments that are all about imaging excellence.

Sony to deliver PlayStation VR in October

1 year ago

The immersive entertainment movement that is virtual reality isn’t just going to be something for your phone, because while Samsung has the edge right now, Sony may well have it come October.

Sony’s new wearable is smart and all heart

1 year ago

With wearable computers the next area that manufacturers are fighting for a piece of your wallet and body with, Sony is ready with one that does a little more than fitness, tracking stress, too.

Dick Smith to go as electronic retailer shuts shop

1 year ago

Local places to buy electronics have just reduced in number, as Dick Smith confirms that it is closing down, putting roughly 3000 staff out of work.

Sony’s mid-range phones become all about the X-factor

1 year ago

Sony has seen some success with its “Z” smartphones, but this year, it will be adding a new range, bringing two day battery life and Alpha-grade camera tech to phones with an “X” in the name.

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