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Toshiba updates the laptops with business-ready boxes

2 years ago

The creator of the portable PC known as the notebook has a few more this week, as Toshiba lets loose with a few machines that are all business.

GadgetGuy’s back-to-school computer guide for 2016

2 years ago

With the school holidays nearing the end, it’s time to think about what to do about the sproglets and their technology needs. What should you buy? We’ll tell you that, and then some, covering where you can even score free software from.

Toshiba talks up 4K and computers that “click”

2 years ago

There are so many new computers this week, it’s hard to keep track, but just in case you hadn’t had your fill of uber new laptop goodness, two more are on the way from Tosh.

Windows 10 is here, so are the computer makers ready?

2 years ago

It’s the big day for Microsoft, and after almost a year of testing, the replacement for Windows 8 has arrived. We say “good riddance”, but is your computer really ready to make the move?

Slim storage: modern solutions for today’s computers

3 years ago

You probably know all too well how vital it is to keep your data with you, but storage comes in so many heavy varieties, so what can you do? It’s time to turn to the flash drives, the wi-drives, and the super-slims.

Toshiba says pens are still important with Wacom-based Windows 8 tablets

3 years ago

Toshiba has been making portable computers longer than most people — hey, it practically invented the category in the 80s — and this year, it will offer at least two machines that aim to make content creation easier whether you like laptops, tablets, or both.

Toshiba joins Pendo with a $199 Windows 8 tablet

3 years ago

Brace yourself parents: tablets are about to be cheap as chips, as Toshiba join Pendo with its own $199 tablet.

Toshiba embraces action with its Camileo action camera

3 years ago

GoPro practically set the action camera world on fire, and now everyone is getting in on the fun, with Toshiba joining in with its own model that looks like it can even take the same accessories.

Toshiba’s Encore gets bigger for its sequel

3 years ago

Announced this week, Toshiba is giving itself a second encore, so to speak, as it one ups its Encore tablet with a slightly bigger second addition.

Toshiba lets loose with a line of leading laptops

4 years ago

Three laptops could show the future of what Toshiba regards as how tablets and laptops should look, as Toshiba embraces hybrid form-factors with Microsoft’s love for touch in Windows 8.

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