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Premium Hisense TVs now available

4 months ago

Adding to the 2017 Series 7 Ultra High Definition models, up-and-coming TV maker Hisense’s new Series 8 and Series 9 ULED TVs are now hitting

Hisense launches 4K ULED Series 7 TVs

6 months ago

Chinese TV giant Hisense is pushing more firmly into the premium TV market with its latest range of TVs. Tagged ULED, the Series 7 TVs

An hour with an LG OLED TV

7 months ago

As I mentioned the other day, I spent some quality alone time recently with two new LG TVs in the offices of LG’s marketing firm.

An hour with an LG Super UHD TV

7 months ago

Last week, in lieu of my usual preference for reviewing TVs in my office, I spent a bit of time with two of LG’s latest

Samsung’s new 4K TV looks pretty as a picture

11 months ago

Samsung's new 4K TV is built to masquerade as a picture frame for the times when you want your TV to disappear.

Samsung unveils its new QLED TV range

11 months ago

Samsung launches its new premium range QLED TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Are they Samsung's best TVs yet?

Lust-have holiday tech

12 months ago

Have you ever wondered why car magazines review Lamborghinis and Ferraris in addition to sensible family movers? Most readers will at one time or another

Samsung’s 2016 TVs: better looking and more connected

2 years ago

New TVs are on the way, delivering now just more true to life picture quality, but also the ability to control your home.

D-Link makes TVs out of Android phones and tablets

3 years ago

Video-on-demand may be gradually impeding the world of broadcast TV, but many of us still switch on every night, and with a new gadget on the way, we might even be able to do it from any place we have our phones and tablets.

TVs on the field at Melbourne Cup

4 years ago

Australians love the Melbourne Cup, and this year’s event looks to be even bigger than last year. It’s amazing to consider that in 2012, over

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