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KEF LS50 Wireless – truly high end Network and Bluetooth

3 months ago

Lots of speaker makers have taken to developing good quality wireless speakers, with interesting designs, decent sound and the consumer confidence engendered by imprimatur of

Ten products from CES to desire

3 months ago

Well, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has come and gone, and as usual there were acres of displays showing the kinds of things

Telstra’s Air goes free for all Telstra customers (for now)

1 year ago

The next six months should be mighty interesting if you’re a Telstra customer, with the telco opening up its nationwide WiFi network to all mobile customers, not just the ones on its BigPond internet service.

Synology moves from network drives to wireless routers

2 years ago

When it comes to networking, you may not have heard of Synology, but there’s a good chance a geek friend of yours has, and if you need a new router, a company known for its high-end network drives is coming to show how routers can be done.

What is “WiFi Assist”, and should I be concerned?

2 years ago

We’re used to seeing tech questions, but there’s been one consistent one this week: what is this thing called “WiFi Assist”, and does it have the potential to ruin me?

D-Link makes wireless the shape of a sphere

2 years ago

When is a network device not like a network device? When it resembles more of a ball, which is what D-Link has done with a new WiFi dongle.

Google builds an easy way to WiFi

2 years ago

WiFi may not be the verb we want it to be, but if you’re struggling with getting a wireless network online, Google believes it might have the answer.

Hands-on with Telstra Air

2 years ago

Tired of spending money on 4G data? Telstra may have the answer, allowing you access to your home broadband data in Australia and abroad with Air, and this is something we couldn't wait to test out.

Optus ends reception woes with WiFi calling

2 years ago

If reception woes are a real drama where you live, a neato solution by Optus involving WiFi could just make your night.

Linksys says WiFi is valued more than sex, intends to make the former better at home

2 years ago

According to a new survey, WiFi is something valued more than sex. That’s curious, and while we believe “WiFi” might be incorrectly identified as “access to the internet”, Linksys hopes its latest router can at least help with one of these concerns (and it’s not sex).

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