Woolworths, Gloria Jean’s join the coffee pod game

There are plenty of coffee machines out there, but you generally find that you have to spend at least $299 to get something decent. Woolworths wants to change that, teaming up with Gloria Jeans Coffees to make a pod machine that won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

Launching this week and exclusive to Woolworths supermarkets, the Caffitaly S14 is a $99 coffee capsule machine for simple and easy espresso, with an optional milk frother available for $29. Members of the Woolworths Everyday Rewards program can save a bit of cash on the machine, too, with a $79 price tag for them.

The Caffitaly takes its own type of capsules, designed for use with this specific system, and available at Woolworths stores across the country for $6 per 16 pods, or $7.50 for blends designed by Gloria Jean’s.

“Woolworths is proud to be Australia’s fresh food people and now we can help millions of Australians feel fresher every day at home with a professionally produced, great tasting coffee, made from perfectly ground beans of the highest quality,” said Woolworths’ Matt Cole.

“We’re delighted to be teaming up with Gloria Jean’s Coffees to bring our customers a complete range of coffee choices all expertly produced to be the perfect partner to our new capsule machine.”

The Caffitaly S14 should be available this week, with both the pods and the machines available at any of the 875 Woolies supermarkets across Australia.


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  1. Sally Suttie
    October 25, 13:42 Sally Suttie

    Got this coffee machine last night and it is great. We have had a very expensive machine for years which has resently stopped working!! This machine makes coffee just as good if not better at a fraction of the cost of our old machine. Woolie Select pods were very good quality too. Our local woolies didn’t have the Gloria Jeans pods but like to try those as well.

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  2. Merri
    October 28, 23:59 Merri

    yes I bought one yesterday & we are very happy with the quality and the price. I have 1 question, when you put the pods in the machine, do you have to remove the foil first or do your just put it in with it still on? Can anyone help with this? 🙂

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  3. Denise Davidson
    October 29, 11:01 Denise Davidson

    Hi Merri, put the complete pod in to the machine and the machine does the rest.

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  4. Denise Davidson
    October 29, 11:18 Denise Davidson

    Can anyone tell me if any pods fit all machine?

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  5. Mike
    November 03, 12:35 Mike

    Very pleased Woolies has done this as we have a MAP BELLA Machine (Caffitaly) and were tiring of the limited choices for coffee. If you’re wondering about the quality of the machine…. Ours cost $249 and hasnt missed a beat in 2 years and looks almost identical to the Woolies $80 machine.
    ALDI pods look very similar but be careful, I’ve had hot liquid spurt out of the top of our machine using an ALDI Pod.

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  6. Caffitaly Owner.
    November 03, 12:57 Caffitaly Owner.

    All Caffitaly pods are interchangeable with all machines so map pads will fit in this and vice versa. Aldi pods will fit in Caffitaly machines however the design is different with the Caffitaly pods having an extra filter on top. Aldi pods in a Caffitaly machine work but leave more grinds in the cup.

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  7. Danny F.
    November 04, 09:21 Danny F.

    I can now confirm that the Woolies pods including the Gloria Jeans ones do actually fit the ALDI machine so now we all have a greater choice.
    Just don’t buy the Nespresso pods thinking they will fit as they are a smaller pod and would fall through on both the Woolies and ALDI machines. Happy coffee making.

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  8. Danny F.
    November 04, 09:33 Danny F.

    The ALDI and MAP pods should fit fine just not the Nespresso ones as they are smaller in diameter and would more than likely fall through. Plus they are more expensive.

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  9. Anthony Smart
    November 04, 10:15 Anthony Smart

    Got this machine over a week ago and it is great. Works very well and the Select coffee is good also. Recommend.

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  10. dig
    November 04, 12:16 dig

    Try the MAP pods, you can get them from good guys, harvey norman, office works etc, $6.50 for a pack of ten. Potentially a bit nicer tasting than the woolies select pods (which I haven’t tried but have seen average reviews for).

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  11. annette lynch
    November 04, 18:25 annette lynch

    how do I buy the descaling agent?

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  12. petermangion
    November 04, 19:30 petermangion

    any Caffitaly Machine will take any Caffitaly capsules no mater on the brand and Aldi Capsules are K-fee system different fillers in the capsules and may not work clogs up and no coffee flows throw the Machine but tea & choc K-fee/Aldi do tho as it is instant choc/tea in the capsules look at link http://goo.gl/AAy4X

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  13. Pamela
    November 05, 00:51 Pamela

    Great little machine. We have bought one for work with the milk frother and it is easy and clean to use. I am hoping once everyone is hooked, the price of the pods doesn’t go up though.

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  14. slugga
    November 16, 09:08 slugga

    how many time can you use a pod

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    • Leigh :) Stark
      November 16, 10:39 Leigh :) Stark

      Technically, you could use a pod as much as you want, but you’ll only get the full burst of flavour once. Every other time you run a used pod, it’s like reusing spent coffee, so it loses flavour and becomes brown water.

      So while you could use it a lot of times, we’d suggest you only use it once.

      That’s pretty much the way it is with all coffee pod machines, for what it’s worth.

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  15. debi.o
    November 19, 19:05 debi.o

    Do the woolworths pods fit the Nespresso machine?

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  16. Abby confused
    November 25, 11:24 Abby confused

    so which one?? aldi or woolies??

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  17. Anne Ahrens
    November 27, 06:49 Anne Ahrens

    just bought this machine haven’t used it yet. Where can I buy the milk frother, does Woolies sell it didn’t see it when I was there. Glad to hear people like this machine

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  18. jlindley
    December 03, 17:03 jlindley

    We bought the coffee machine a week ago after looking at machines that cost $400. Fantastic. So quick and easy to use. I did get caught out thinking that all the pods sold at Woolworths were compatible but one brand is not. It would help if this was displayed on the shelf information. I would love to see more in the range of coffee pods available but overall I am very, very happy.

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  19. Deedee
    December 09, 13:37 Deedee

    Love the Coffee & fits my MAP Caffitaly system.
    In fact it’s the same machine @ 1/2 the price.

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  20. Leanne D
    December 26, 16:51 Leanne D

    Does this do hot chocolate as well? If so, which pods does it take?

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  21. Mareeh
    December 28, 19:11 Mareeh

    After much deliberation, I purchased the Caffitaly after Christmas and I am really surprised and pleased with its operation. The coffee is hot and the machine is easy to use and keep clean. I’ve been using the Gloria Jeans pods and the flavour is great! I use an Aldi milk frother and happy with its performance also.

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  22. Nicole79
    January 27, 17:57 Nicole79

    What other brand pods can be used for the neffitaly from wollies? im trying also to find choc and tea pods anyone know???

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  23. Layla
    February 03, 12:47 Layla

    I got my pod holder from Target. Looks really good with machine

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  24. Leigh :) Stark
    April 21, 19:34 Leigh :) Stark

    Don’t think so, but we’ll check!

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  25. Kleve
    October 24, 10:12 Kleve

    Does anyone know if the Gloria jeans pods fit a dolce gusto machine

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