$2000 USB key pushes thumb drives into luxury level

For some people, money grows on trees. That’s not us, but if you fit in this category and you’re looking for the gift that no one else has, why not try a USB key made out of meteorite.

The USB 3.0 Apophis flash drive from Zana Design is probably the most expensive thumb drive you’ve ever seen, offering 64GB of storage for a few bucks under $2000 USD ($1908 Australian when we checked).

If that seems like a lot of money, that’s because it is, and while a high-speed USB 3.0 stick of the same capacity can be found between the $60 and $100 mark locally, the Zana manages it’s insane price tag because of what the stick has been made with.

Named for the asteroid which could hit our planet in 2036, the Apophis has been constructed from a 200 year old African wood, accented with 18-karat gold, and features flecks and specks of “authentic meteorite” as well as a small diamond.

Even if the asteroid never hits our planet – and we really hope it doesn’t – this is still probably a one of a kind gadget, and if you know someone with one of those iPad cases decked out with chunks of Tyrannosaurus Rex bone, this could be the perfect addition.