LG makes digital paper a reality, could change newspapers and clothing

March 31, 2012

Imagine never needing to buy a newspaper again and having everything update one single piece of paper? It could soon be a reality, with LG

Kogan crafts an iPad dock for $249

March 30, 2012

We've all seen the odd iPod dock, but when it comes to docking Apple's tablet, there aren't many options. Australian e-tailer Kogan hopes to help out in this department, with the announcement of a new dock designed for the iPad.

Sony adds SBS to the PS3; three letter initialisms with streaming catch-up TV

March 30, 2012

Sony seems to be cementing the PlayStation 3 as a leader in home entertainment, with the local arm of the company adding SBS On Demand's streaming TV service to the platform, provided free for users.

Australians share personal info freely on the Internet

March 30, 2012

How much do your online friends know about you? When you're hitting up Facebook, Pinterest, Google, or any other social service, how many friends do you actually trust? A new survey has shown that we're a tad too trusting with personal information.

Dick Smith to have a ridonkulous gaming sale next week

March 29, 2012

While Harvey Norman got its sale on for two days this week, Dick Smith will be doing something similar next week, albeit in a much bigger way.

Google to push the cost of tablets down, regardless of the other brands

March 29, 2012

In case you haven't noticed, we're more than a little surprised that big name manufacturers responsible for Android tablets haven't responded to Apple's iPad price drop with urgency. The maker of Android – Google – may be joining us, with a development popping up that could push down the cost of Android tablets whether other manufacturers like it or not.

Money for nothing: the dark side of free

March 29, 2012

There's a new type of game that's becoming increasingly popular for kids and families. You don't have to pay any money up front and there are hours of fun to be had inside each title. But there's a dark side to these games that has the potential to drain your savings faster than you can spell the word "free".

Logitech adds AirPlay to its arsenal with a $500 speaker

March 28, 2012

Logitech's Ultimate Ears brand is known for some pretty good headphones, but its latest product is the first time we've seen the "UE" badge stuck on a speaker, with the first AirPlay product out by the peripheral company.

Consumer Watchdog takes Apple to court over “4G” in the new iPad

March 28, 2012

One of the most criticised things about the new Apple iPad is its use of 4G, the latest mobile broadband connection that offers high speeds in excess of ADSL2+. In Australia, 4G is offered by Telstra, but on a different spectrum to what Apple's iPad supports, and that's about to become an issue for the courts.

Cheap games: Harvey has a deal for the next 48 hours

March 28, 2012

We rarely talk about Harvey Norman, except when the company tries to make headlines with deals that aim to make it worthwhile to customers, but now the company seems to have one, and if you're a gamer, there's cause to celebrate.

Crash Cam: the black box for your car is here

March 27, 2012

Car accidents are never a fun thing to go through, and we very rarely have an impartial backseat driver there to verify the events of the day. Luckily, a gadget may come to the rescue in these situations.

Samsung updates Galaxy S2 with 4G, NFC, bigger screen

March 27, 2012

While the world awaits Samsung's next smartphone, the electronics giant has been at work updating its previous premium phone to tour the web at even faster speeds.

Amazon’s Kindle Touch: swipe to read for $185

March 26, 2012

One of the things we hear people ask is why ebook readers don't function like an iPad or Android and why can't you flick the screen with your fingers like on tablets? Well, a new eReader coming to Australia will allow just that.

Xperia S: Sony’s first smartphone arriving in April

March 26, 2012

We've seen Sony Ericsson phones for some time, but with Sony ditching the Ericsson brand, the first true Sony phone is about to hit the shelves, completely with a unique look and solid specs.

WD adds Thunderbolt drives, offers big drives for big files

March 26, 2012

If you have lots of files, big videos, or just want to back up your files over the fastest transfer port, Western Digital has a couple of new hard drives aimed squarely at you.

Nikon D800: no price set, Nikon says find the best

March 23, 2012

Camera manufacturer Nikon has released its next big digital SLR, a whopping 36.3 megapixel beast with 1080p Full HD video support. Interestingly, there's no recommended retail price, and the company is telling customers to shop around.

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