Telstra’s nationwide WiFi network to start up in November

September 30, 2014

Earlier in the year, Telstra announced plans to make one of the world’s biggest WiFi networks, making it possible to get WiFi where ever you go at a small cost, and it looks to start up shortly ahead of the expected 2015 roll-out.

GoPro hits fourth-gen, offers up 4K for filmmakers

September 30, 2014

Surfers, snowboarders, kayakers, adventurers, and anyone who wants to film their exploits with a tiny camera will soon be able to do in a quality better than Full HD, as GoPro gears up for true 4K with its 30fps friendly GoPro Hero4 black.

Acer pulls a switcheroo with the Switch 10 tablet

September 29, 2014

We all know that netbooks are dead, but tablets are definitely replacing them, and Acer is there proving it with the Switch, a 10 inch tablet that comes with a keyboard packing in a 500GB hard drive and one of those neato multimode hinges we’re seeing.

Bose goes semi-budgety and sporty with new in-ears

September 29, 2014

An update to the Bose earphone line-up is on the way, bringing the price point for Bose in-earphones down to a little over $100, putting better quality earphones within reach of more people, primarily those who value high quality sound, but don’t want to spend more than $200 to get it.

Samsung’s next watch is a phone, with the Gear S in November

September 26, 2014

Need a watch? And a phone? How about if the two are merged? Samsung is revisiting the idea of a converged gadget, and is even going to bring it to Australia, as we find out in a hands-on with the Gear S.

Canon delivers a splash of colour for an unexpected gadget

September 26, 2014

It’s crafted from aluminium and comes with a screen that you can see from nearly every angle. It has a nearly unlimited supply of power and could even get a few people lining up for it, and it’s now in several colours. What is it?

Plantronics goes into noise cancelling, cuts cords in the process

September 25, 2014

We’ve seen plenty of headsets from Plantronics in the past, and now the company that has sent headphones into space is cutting noise from your overseas plane trip, with its first active noise cancelling cans.

Hands-on with the Moto 360 and Moto X

September 25, 2014

Watches and smartphones and Android, oh my, and this week, we’ve seen all three, as we take a look at Motorola’s circular smartwatch and its new flagship, two products that aim to really grab your attention.

Adobe updates Elements for easier editing

September 25, 2014

Skills in digital photo processing or video editing don’t come easily for some, with lots of experience often required, or time spent in school, but Adobe is hoping to make these skills easier to come by with new versions of its Elements software.

SanDisk goes bigger, faster for new SD and microSD cards

September 24, 2014

SanDisk has chimed in this week to offer more storage and more speed for said storage if you need it, and since we're all taking lots of photos, there's a good chance you do.

Hands-on with Go Pro’s dog-camera mount

September 24, 2014

Ever wonder what your dog sees? GoPro is letting you see it for yourself, and we’re going hands— err, paws on with its dog mount.

Samsung’s Gear VR set to inspire, intrigue, innovate

September 24, 2014

There was a time when virtual reality was merely a gimmick, but a collaboration between Samsung and Oculus looks set to change that.

Samsung’s Note 4 ready for release, with a bigger screen and a softer Edge

September 24, 2014

A few years ago, Samsung changed the world when it introduced a bigger phone, with a size that Steve Jobs thought no one would buy. Back to present day, and even Apple has had to change its ways, and Samsung is ready with the fourth-generation Galaxy Note, launching in two versions.

Nokia’s selfie Windows Phone launches in Australia

September 23, 2014

The word selfie now means something, and is more than just another random word touted by cool and hip people, with a dictionary entry for the word meaning a self-portraiture shot on a phone, and a new smartphone to go along with it.

Pendo ready with a budget $199 Windows 8 tablet

September 23, 2014

Microsoft isn't keen to let Android dominate the budget tablet scape, and this year is planning to do something about it. Yes, cheap tablets are the new name of the Windows game, and that starts with a Windows 8 slate for $199 in Australia.

Asus transforms its laptops with a 360 degree Flip

September 19, 2014

Tablets computers are changing laptops so much that the form-factors are being totally revised, with the lunch-box machine being flipped on its head, which is sort of what Asus is doing with a new computer.

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