2021 Hisense Laser TV range goes ‘huge’

2021 Hisense Laser TV
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The 2020 Hisense L5F Laser TV was the laser of choice for those that wanted a 100” for the media room. The expanded 2021 Hisense Laser TV range will take the L5F to a massive 120”.

GadgetGuy reviewed the 100” L5F (8/10) and found it to be very impressive, especially in low light.

The 2021 Hisense Laser TV range will also have new laser technology and some smaller (75-80”), more affordable models.

2021 Hisense Laser TV

In a global press announcement (which means we may not see this here in 2021), Hisense announced its new TriChroma Laser engine. Starting with an updated RGB laser light source, this delivers a massive 128 percent improvement to the original RGB colour. There’s also a 20 percent brightness enhancement, now with 430-nits available at the pixel-level.

In terms of colour depth, the new TriChroma engine can create up to 151 percent of the DCI-P3 film colour standard, which is almost 50 percent beyond high-end cinema. Eye comfort is also enhanced and is said to be 20% better than printed paper.

Size-wise, the new TriChroma will range from 75 to 100 inches.

Hisense has been a global leader in ultra-short-throw Laser TV technology for more than 10 year. It’s a pedigree that we are incredibly proud of, especially with the range of patents and innovations that we’ve been able to pioneer in more recent years. 2020  has seen Australians’ appetite for larger-than-life home cinema solutions skyrocket. The popularity of our L5FG Laser TV that comes with the screen, speakers, TV tuner and our VIDAA Smart TV OS is testament to this.

Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia

Hisense brings CES 2021 products to you – virtually

Hisense has updated its Home AR app to show you how its CES 2021 products might look in your home. The new and feature improved Hisense AR app (augmented reality) dated 5 January 2021 enables you to take a smartphone (Android or iOS) photo of where the TV or other Hisense products (soundbar, fridges, washing machines etc.) would go in your home.

The Hisense Home AR app is free to download from the Apple Store or Google Play.

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