3 and Sony Ericsson to offer Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and YouTube uploader tools

3 and Sony Ericsson today announced their partnership to bring enhanced versions of Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and YouTube uploader tools to mobile internet users.

The partnership takes popular social networking applications and integrates them into the handset, providing intuitive and seamless connectivity to friends and colleagues. It is a move away from applications that work separately within the handset to a ‘zero click’ experience that allows you to view Facebook friends, interact with Windows Live Mobile contacts from your phonebook, and upload videos taken on your handset directly to YouTube.

The first handset to feature all of these integrated applications will be the C510 Cyber-shot featuring an enhanced version of Facebook, which displays your friends’ status and photos on a carousel on the home screen. In a single click, you can update your status, and review news feeds.

The YouTube uploader tool, uniquely developed for 3, prompts you to upload videos directly to YouTube from your camera. Once this upload is complete, the option of sharing the YouTube link via SMS is given.

In addition to viewing your current online contacts from your phonebook, the Windows Live Messenger application sends you an alert when a new instant message arrives, even when you minimise the application. You can also start a chat session with a contact directly from your phonebook.

The enhanced Facebook and integrated Windows Live Messenger applications are exclusive to 3 for a limited time. The Sony Ericsson C501 will be available from 3 in March 2009.

Sony Ericsson C510 Cybershot mobile phone

Source: 3